Sunday, 19 October 2014

Mr Big Koko 17-10-14

After a 25 minute acoustic set from Octave , Mr Big returned to these shores after a 4 year break in front of a sold out crowd and proved again that they are one of the best bands on the planet.

With the recent release of the excellent " The Stories We Could Tell "cd under their belts and a 6 week world tour in front of the we were lucky enough to see the first night of the tour.

For 2 hours we were taken on a journey throughout their 25 year career with a setlist that showed off their amazing talent.

Here is what they played.

" Gotta Love The Ride " from the new cd kicked off the show on a high with it's bluesy mid tempo stomp and excellent chorus. Eric Martin was in superb form and voice and the legendary near telepathic understanding of Billy Sheehan on lead bass and Paul Gilbert on guitar was again evident from the first note.

" Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy  " was next up and the whole place went mad.It was played at an incredible pace before the drill's came out for the solo's and a joy to see 2 superstars enjoying each others talent even on a song they have played a thousand times before.

2 songs from reunion cd " American Beauty " and " What If " followed and kept the standard high before a quick guitar and bass dual which led to the introduction of " Alive and Kickin'"  and also our first sighting of Pat Torpey.

I think we were all wondering how the dynamics of the show would be affected by Pat Torpey's recent diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. His replacement Matt Starr of Ace Frehley's band and Burning Rain with Doug Aldrich is an inspired choice. His powerhouse style and sheer drive were a joy to see. The rest of the band were all clearly enjoying playing with him and he also had superb backing vocals that in this band is a must.

The whole place roared its approval and broke into a chant of " Pat " that continued off and on all night. He was obviously moved as we all were. He played some percussion and joined in with his always superb backing vocals. He was clearly in some discomfort from his right shoulder but as he said " I never expected to be up here again ". And we all  roared our approval.

The " Green Tinted Sixties Mind " intro had the hairs on my neck standing to attention and the huge chorus was bellowed back by all. What a great song.

" The Monster In Me " was the second song played from the new cd with its Billy led bass work out to start before it's huge stomp had the chandeliers rocking  before a welcome " Rock & Roll Over " made a welcome return to the set. 

Mid set their was a 2 song acoustic set with Eric now on acoustic guitar and Pat now at the stage front on tambourine and backing vocals. First up was Cat Stevens " Wild World " and then the new cd's " East / West " which was simply stunning.
Written by Pat and with the words " Here's To Everything We've Been Through " being so very poignant . The vocals were brilliant and Paul's mid song and end electric acoustic solo's were up there with the very best. 

Pat then replaced Matt on drums for " Just Take My Heart " and also " Fragile " and showed immense courage in playing even in great pain.

Last song of the set was the song that started it all those years ago and  the bass and guitar interplay showcased Billy and Paul's incredible talent and understanding. "Addicted To That Rush " is an all time classic and is just draw dropping to watch masters at work.

First encore was the huge ballad hit " To Be With You " that was song loud by all band and crowd alike.

The cd title track was next with an excellent Eric vocal before another classic in the shape of "Colarado Bulldog " upped the ante with stunning drumming for Matt and more Eric and Paul interplay.

Next up was another of the band's song mash ups. With Eric on bass, Paul on drums, Billy on guitar, Matt on backing vocals and Pat now as lead vocalist. The guy is special and in many band's could be lead vocalist and he really rocked it out on a cover of Judas Priest's " Living After Midnight ".

Pat then sat back on drums for the last song a cover of Free's " Mr Big ".He  showed how he will fight the horrendous illness the only way he knows head on and what a determined mutha he is and hey Pat Torpey you are an inspiration to us all.

A brilliant evening with a top top band.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

In Faith There's A Storm Coming

Out on Rocktopia Records on the 27th of October is the debut release from UK rockers In Faith.

Consisting of Tony Marshall ( ex Contagiuos,Pride, Vaughn ) on guitars , Pete Newdeck (ex Edens Curse , Tainted Nation ) on drums and on bass and vocals Pete Godfrey.

With guest appearances from Chris Green of Rubicon Cross ex Pride and Furyon who plays a guitar solo on Addicted , Furyon's Pat Heath adds solos to " Radio "  and "  Learn To Fly "  ( Japanese bonus track ) and Brooke St James of Tyketto contributes a guitar solo to " Where I Wanna Be ".

2 lyric videos have been released.

Here is " Does It Feel Like Love " 

and " Where I Wanna Be " 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Crazy Lixx Hell Raising Women

CRAZY LIXX have released a new videoclip “Hell Raising Women” taken from the forthcoming Self Titled and fourth studio album to be released on Frontiers Music Srl on November 7th in Europe and November 11th in North America.

The video was directed by Tobias Olsson .

The song can be downloaded now, along with the other song “Call to Action,” for all the fans who will be preordering the whole album now on iTunes via this link:

Voodoo Six added to Accept London Forum date and vocalist Luke Purdie leaves the band.

Rockgig favourites Voodoo Six have been added as support for Accept's London Forum show on the 27th of November.

Also some sad news regarding vocalist Like Purdie this from their Facebook page.

" It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the departure of Luke from the band. He is unwell and will not be able to continue with us. It's been 5 years, we have made 2 amazing albums with him and played countless shows, he always delivered and gave his all at the highest level. We all wish him well and hope he is back to full health very soon. It is a very sad time for us, he was always a pleasure to be around and we will miss him greatly.

We are doing everything we can to move forwards and are now looking for a singer to join us. If you are interested, please email us at with a brief biog and website/link to your music. 

The Accept support show, and Planet Rockstock will definitely go ahead with a guest singer - if we haven't found a permanent replacement by then.
We are looking into options for the show this Friday at Legends of Rock, but time is very short and unfortunately we may be forced to cancel. The organisers have been informed and have been very supportive in this difficult situation. More news on this a bit later."

Thanks for your continued support as always. Tony, Matt, Chris & Joe

Dennis DeYoung And The Music of Styx Live In Los Angeles

On March the 18th 2014 Dennis DeYoung the legendary frontman of Styx returned to the Los Angeles stage for the first time in his solo career at the El Rey Theater.

Frontiers Records release the show on dvd and 2 cd on the 17th of October in the UK and on the 21st of October in the US.

I have only heard the audio version which is superb. Any Styx fan should get this release pronto.The main man is in fine voice throughout on both the heavier and ballad material that makes up this 90 minute concert.

Backed up by John Blasucci on keyboards and backing vocals, Craig Carter on bass and backing vocals, Jimmy Leahey on guitar and backing vocals, Tom Sharpe on drums and percussion, August Zadra on guitar and lead vocals Suzanne De Young on backing vocals there is a real depth to the audio fare.

Look at the set list and you get classic after classic played with a real love for the music and the man that helped shape one of America's finest catalogues.

"The Grand Illusion " , " Lady " ," Lorelei " , " Show Me The Way ", " Mr Roboto ", " Too Much Time On My Hands ", " Rockin 'The Paradise "," Babe ", " Foolin' Yourself ", " The Best Of Times " , " Come Sail Away " and others that will make you go back and revisit that catalogue.

But for me 2 songs stand ahead of the rest and that is saying something. " Blue Collar Man " and " Renegade ". The heavier end of the spectrum with big riffs , muscular drums and the rhythm team so tight ,wonderful backing vocals and  some excellent guitar solos from Zadra that are close enough to the original but still with his own signature added.

The crowd go nuts and is it any wonder. Lovingly played superbly played and sung the songs sound revitalised which considering most of them are over 30 years old is quite something.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Jimmy Barnes Hindsight

I first heard Jimmy Barnes back in in ’86 on the Lost Boys soundtrack. I loved that film, and there was this INXS track that sounded like perfectly normal radio fodder when suddenly this voice leapt out alongside Michael Hutchence. It was one of those “WOAH WTF WAS THAT!” moments. “Good Times” is still a song I play regularly and it never fails to get me singing along.  On the back of that I bought the magnificent “Freight Train Heart” album the following year and even managed to get an import of his Barnestorming live album.

Over the years I’ve not kept so up to date with his album releases, hearing the odd track here and there but this album brings back the joy I first had when listening to “Good Times” nearly 30 years ago.

He could easily have just released a 30 Years Greatest Hits package and watched the dollars come rolling in, but he hasn't – he’s done something a bit special.  Working with such luminaries as Joe Bonamassa, Little Steven, Neil Schon, Jonathan Cain and plenty of others  (the full deluxe version includes Tina Turner, John Farnham, Keith Urban and many more) he has re-recorded, re-imagined and re-defined some of his best tracks (and some that you wouldn't expect).

1. Lay Down Your Guns (with The Living End)
2. Time Will Tell (with The Baby Animals)
3. Ride The Night Away (with Little Steven)
4. Stand Up (with Mahalia Barnes + The Soul Mates)
5. I'd Die To Be With You (with Diesel)
6. Stone Cold (with Tina Arena & Joe Bonamassa)
7. Working Class Man (with Jonathan Cain and Ian Moss)
8. Going Down Alone (with Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain)
9. Love And Hate (with Shihad)
10. No Second Prize
11. I'd Rather Be Blind (with Jon Stevens)
12. When Your Love Is Gone
13. The Other Kind
14. Walk On (with David Campbell)
15. Still On Your Side (with Bernard Fanning)

Thirty years on and this could be the best thing he’s ever done.

There’s life in the old dog yet - eh Barnsey ?

Simply magnificent.