Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sunstorm (Joe Lynn Turner) - Don't Walk Away From A Goodbye (Official Audio)

Sunstorm Edge Of Tomorrow cd review

Sunstorm return to celebrate their tenth anniversary of their debut cd with the release of Edge Of Tomorrow out on the 13th of May on Frontiers Records Srl.

4 years since the last Sunstorm cd Emotional Fire legendary singer Joe Lynn Turner shows all the young pups how it should be done.

After the release of the recent Rated X album, Joe wanted to go back to the more melodic material of Sunstorm, but also wanted to retain some of the harder edge which the Rated X album had.

So he asked producer and songwriter Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Edge of Forever) to come up with some new songs in that vein. Del Vecchio joined forces with Simone Mularoni, guitar player of Italian prog metallers DGM. Together they developed songs which were exactly what Joe wanted, so it was a natural process to move forward and record another Sunstorm album. As usual, other songwriters, such as Soren Kronqvist and Daniel Palmqvist completed the array of individuals involved.

As a long time fan of Joe this is what I want him to be recording with a classic feel to all the songs but with a more guitar led direction than previous albums more AOR sound base.

There are hooks and melodies all over this and Joe sounds amazing for a man approaching his 65th birthday and his band all play their part too with Alessandro Del Vecchio, Hammond organ,keyboards,backing vocals,Simone Mularoni on guitars,Nik Mazzucconi on bass and Francesco Jovino on drums.

Don't Walk Away From Goodbye is an uptempo opener all driving drums and extra guitar melodies and crunching riffs and the first big chorus with Joe on this song having a harder edge to his vocal.

The title track is wonderful with a picked electric guitar melody start before a big riff and drums kick in before dipping for a Joe vocal verse that is centre piece as the guitars dip before building on the pre chorus.Classic Rainbowesque chorus with that unmistakeable Joe tone and great backing vocals too.A lengthy guitar solo from Mularoni isn't all about how many notes he can play and love the end of the solo as he holds notes with the big guitar riff as backing.More guitar soloing behind Joe's vocal chorus on the outro on a song that you get the feeling you have heard it before but when it done as well as this you just end up smiling at the beauty in it.

Heart Of The Storm is probably the heaviest song that Sunstorm have recorded with a huge guitar riff and fast paced rocker but still with hooks and melodies on the chorus that melt the heart.

The Sound Of Goodbye takes it down a notch with a big slower guitar riff over a keys riff before the guitar melodies take over and a not so urgent vocal too.

The Darkness Of This Dawn is a powerful ballad with Joe showing his full range and breathtaking melodies.The guitar playing from Mularoni is exemplary with additional melody lines and soloing on the verse and all building to a huge chorus.Classic JLT and nearer in pace and feel to previous Sunstorm material.

You Hold Me Down is a rocker right out of the Rainbow drawer with a fast paced drum rhythm and Alessandro adding Hammond organ depth to the mix and Joe's harder edge vocal style and another big chorus with a huge hook.

Angel Eyes is an old school ballad before a Hammond led driving rocker in Everything You've Got with a huge backing vocal chorus giving it a different feel.

Tangled In Blue has a wonderful big guitar riff in the outro that then dips out in the early verse before chugging in and out till the chorus with a keyboard part prominent and an AOR sense in the chorus with Joe at his melodic best.More guitar soloing alongside Joe's vocal in the outro.

Edge Of Tomorrow is a welcome return for one of melodic rock's most endearing character's and is just what all his fan's will love to hear him being involved in.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Treatment Oxford Academy 02-05-16

First up was 4 piece local act Hells Gazelles who played a 30 minute set of 70's and 80's hard rock with Cole Bryant an energetic and very able vocalist and frontman.

Was a little concerned on the first heavy riffing track with no guitar solo but that was soon remedied and Nath Digman proved he could solo with the best of them.

All songs had big riffs and bigger choruses and Luke Evans on drums sat centre stage and pounded like there was no tomorrow.
They went down very well and look forward to hearing more from them.

Main support on all dates is 3 piece Scottish band The Amorettes who released their debut cd Game On last year.
Led by Gill on guitar and vocals and the rhythm team of Hannah on drums and Heather on bass we had a 35 minute 9 song set that was all about high energy and attitude with no ballad in sight.
Their site says like Airbourne fronted by Joan Jett which isn't a bad description although if I am honest Gill screechy vocal stylings did grate a little after a while and the songs did tend to all sound similar with no light and shade visible.
It will be interesting to see how they develop with album number 2 in the works.

The Treatment came out like they were hitting Wembley Stadium with a confidence in the new line up and also in their excellent new cd Generation Me released in March on Frontiers Records Srl.

Playing a set heavy with 7 new tracks they played for 70 minutes and played the following.

Let It Begin
Cry Tough
Running With The Dogs
The Devil
I Bleed Rock n Roll
We Are Beautiful
Generation Me
The Doctor
Backseat Heartbeat
Drink F**k Fight
Shake The Mountain
Encore of Get The Party On

You would never have believed this was only the 6th show for the new line up as their was enough electricity on stage to light a large city as they blitzed through opener Let It Begin.

The thing for me that sets them above bands of their ilk is the quality of the material and also new vocalist Mitchel Emms who has a vocal range that is quite superb.
Time and again I watched him and thought what a find for the band.He is good frontman but a wonderful vocalist with a melodic tone that sets him apart and should take the band where they want to go.

The rest of the band are no slouches either.Mad eyed bass player Rick Newman never stopped trying to drag every ounce from the crowd and drummer Dhani Mansworth (son of Airrace's Laurie)is a pounder of the highest order.

Second new boy Tao Grey and Tagore Grey on guitars are a great team with loads of riffing but pleasingly plenty of melodic soloing and some very good duelling Thin Lizzy style too.

New songs Cry Tough with it's AC/DC / Airbourne rifferama was a crowd favourite from the word go with horns being thrown and air guitars being restrung.Mitchel again excelled with great backing vocals on the second part of the chorus giving it a little different feel.

Last cd title track Running With The Dogs gave us a chance to see Mitchel on an older song which he passed with flying colours and plenty of audience participation on the chorus.

The Devil is a stomper of the highest order with big riffs and an even bigger chorus.You feel you have heard it before but when it is played with such a kick ass attitude and the band in your face how can they go wrong.

Bloodsucker is a superb track with a huge driving guitar riff  that changes to a chugging stop start main riff with Mitchel's vocal filling in the gaps.The one word chorus is repeated with the crowd in full voice.

The new cd title track Generation Me has at least 3 different guitar riffs in the intro before the main riff kicks in and another shout out chorus.Tagore's short sharp fiery guitar solo fits perfectly too.

Backseat Heartbeat for me the song that could and should break down barriers for them.Not a ballad but a mid tempo song that builds to a big chorus that shows of Mitchel's full capabilities to the max.
Lizzyesque guitar duelling guitar solo and shows the band don't just bash you over the head but possess melodies to die for and area I am sure they will explore as they develop over the coming years.

Drink F**k Fight was joyously received by all with the crowd bellowing the chorus back at the band with the band's faces showing how much fun they were having too.

A romp through Emergency and Shake The Mountain ended the set where the pace and quality never dipped before a crowd heavy Get the Party On as an encore ended a night the crowd present will remember for a long time.

The tour continues until Islington on the 13th of May and sees The Treatment taking it up a level with a confidence borne of quality music and a team ethic that is there for all to see.


The Wildhearts Never Drunk Never Outsong - PHUQ Live

Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live’
June 3rd 
Round Records Records 

On June 3rd The Wildhearts release Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live on Round Records Records .

The live album was recorded when the band reunited in September 2015 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their most commercially successful album PHUQ and Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung contains the full original album track listing.

Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung was a phrase coined by Wildhearts fan Tom Reed and the album is named in honour of The Wildhearts' audience who are ‘very loud and very thirsty!’

“P.H.U.Q.” (pronounced in obvious fashion!) originally released in May 1995, crashed into the UK Top Ten Album Chart at number 6.  It spawned two Top 40 hit singles, “I Wanna Go Where The People Go” and “Just In Lust”, which reached numbers 16 and 28 respectively.

Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live  opens with the euphoric clarion call I Wanna Go Where the People Go and for the next hour The Wildhearts play huge riffs and catchy choruses taking the audience on a roller coaster journey continuing to captivate their fans before ‘Getting It’ closes out the set in a riot of chants and refrains.  Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live is the perfect document for The Wildhearts' Anniversary tour  

“All hail the noisy, thirsty Wildhearts fans!”

To pre-order Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live go to -

The Wildhearts next show is the Download Festival on June 10th

Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live  Track listing 
1 - I Wanna Go Where The People Go
2 - V Day
3 - Just In Lust
4 - Baby Strange
5 - Nita Nitro
6 - Jonesing For Jones
7 - Up Your Arse You Fucking Cunt***
8 - Woah Shit, You Got Through
9 - Cold Patootie Tango
10 - Caprice
11 - Be My Drug
12 - Naivety Play
13 - In Lilly's Garden
14 - Getting It
Catalogue Number 


Round Records Records is the new record label from Ginger Wildheart – a home for Hey! Hello!, Mutation, live albums and DVDs from The Wildhearts and more. It’s arguably Ginger’s most ambitious project to date; moving from stand-alone individual releases to a fully-fledged record label. PledgeMusic is proud to be partnering with Ginger and Round Records Records for fans to pre-order new releases and access a host of extra and exclusive offers.
Ginger and PledgeMusic have history. In August 2011, Ginger launched his Triple Album Project via Pledgemusic. The pitch was to record a 30-song triple album and the campaign met with immediate success, hitting 100% of the funding target within six hours of launching. The resulting album released in 2012 in single and triple album format was a huge success for Ginger and won him the Classic Rock magazine ‘Event of the Year’ award. Subsequent projects with PledgeMusic have delivered equally stunning results; the last one being a book entitled ‘Songs & Words’, which featured archive photos and the stories behind Ginger's songs as only Ginger could tell them.
To start things, the Round Records Records launch includes the following;

The Wildhearts - PHUQ Live (released 1st July 2016)
Ginger Wildheart - Solo Album Boxset (released 5th August 2016)
Mutation - Mutation III album (released 2nd September 2016)

Blue Pills UK dates 2016

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