Reo Speedwagon

Support from a 4 piece female fronted band called Mercara .Not bad at all .Hard to say what they sounded like .Bit of a groove to it just sounded good.

REO lasted visited these shores 22 years when I saw then twice in 6 months.

Their drummer(Bryan Hitt)and geetarist(Dave Amato)are the new boys but have been in the band 18 years!! Hammy O was half full only 2 people upstairs!

Kevin Cronin now has white hair and a set of teeth too big for his face. So old farts etc.

Well they kicked some major ass. Yes all the hits and the first 4 off the new cd. The new drummer was incredible and you think of them as a soft rock band!

Cronin during a sing along said and now you 2 upstairs. Brilliant.

(The band really seemed to be enjoying it too!) The encores were Ridin the storm out,157 Riverside Ave and then a cover of Van Morrison's Gloria!

Fab.1 hr 45 mins . We ended up with 10 plectrums between the 3 of us 5 different designs and as we went to go Kevin Cronin came back out to sign anything or just shake hands.

Did that for about 15 mins! So a real good night and it may sound silly but if it had been at Shepherds Bush Empire it could have been a classic!

They say they will be back next year.Go see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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