Dream Theater- Southampton Guildhall 13th June 2009

A hot sweaty night on the south coast with a sold out 1800 crowd and first up were Frost.A five piece prog act from Reading. Both geetarists sang and so did the keyboard player.Never heard them before and they went down really well once the sound had been sorted out.
Heavy and light prog is my description!!
I love Dream Theater.I thought I would get it out of the way as I don't want to appear to gush to much.
Tonight was a warm up for their Download performance the next day.Only they would play a 2 hour warm up show for a 45 minute festival performance.

Set list was:
  • In the presence of enemies part 1.
  • Beyond this life.
  • Misunderstood.
  • A rite of passage.
  • Hollow Years.
  • Caught in a web.
  • Forsaken.
  • Erotomania.
  • Voices.
  • Solitary Shell.
  • Constant Motion.
  • As I Am.
  • Encore of a medley of Metropolis/Learning to live/The Crimson Sunset.
The light show was excellent for such a venue and the sound superb.Every member of the band is a god on their chosen instrument. My 2 favourites are Mike Portnoy on drums and John Petrucci on geetar. I could watch them all nite. Portnoy's ability to play the same beat a different way each time is incredible and Petrucci's solos were just draw dropping.The solo to Hollow Years(a favourite of mine)had the hairs on the back of my neck standing to attention.See it on youtube.com!!

As a long time fan it was great to Caught In A Web again, Forsaken(for the first time missed at Wembley last year) and the ballad Solitary Shell at last was great. During this number a bloke with what only could be described as a Rolley the Poodle from Eastenders moved in front of us.The words lunatic in the song were very apt!!A fantastic extended solo fron Petrucci finished the song.
Only 1 song from the monumental new cd Black Clouds And Silver Linings(out tomorrow) the excellent Rite Of Passage with a great mid song riff and solo from Petrucci. More songs will be played on their return in October at Wembley(tickets in the post)

Who haven't I mentioned?James Labrie on vox put in a great show. I can't understand the stick he is getting on the internet at the mo. John Myung on bass was his usual silent but deep self and Jordan Rudess(keys)had his time at the front during the encore with his sparring solos with Petrucci!!
So after 2 hours it was over.Young and older fans had a great show and their money's worth.
Fab night roll on Wembley in October.
10/10. ME
(ed's note: ME does know that the word "Geetar" is not the correct way to spell it, but frankly he can't be arsed, and I can't be bothered to change it every week)


  1. I am a massive DT fan and have lost count of the number of times I have seen them. Quite frankly I was disappointed with the Southhampton show & venue. the best show DT put on was at Wolverhampton Civic and it made this showing at Southahampton look appalling.

    The sound was not the best by far and comparitively there seemed, to me, to be little/no onstage 'vibe'.

    I really do not like to slate a great band but I thought the show was poor. This could have been a problem with the venue as much as the band.

    I thought Labrie put on the best show and each piece was played well, assuming you could make out the instruments through the mush of sound. It just wasn't DT at their best. In fact each time Labrie left the stage for instrumentals etc I looked at my watch........... I think it says alot!


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