Rockgig's best of 2010

Mark Evans - ME

With so many great cds and tours out in 2009 there was concern that 2010 would not be as good - well 2010 put up a hell of a fight: 18 gigs and some great music.

1.Black Country Communion John Henry's.Secret show only 120 people there and first ever show.Just wow!!
2.Black Country Communion.Shepherd's Bush.Go from strength to strength.Roll on cd 2 and tour.
3.Any of the 3 F.M.shows attended.Great to have them back better than ever.
4.Kiss.LG Arena.Arena show with bells on.
5.Winger/Airrace/Furyon.3 bands all superb.


1.FM.Metropolis.Stunning comeback.
2.Accept.Blood Of The Nations.Squash racket has had to be restrung.Riffs and more riffs.
3.James La Brie.Static Impulse.Dream Theater songs in 4 minutes.Brilliant.
4.BCC.Stunning old school rock.Cd 2 should kill.
5.Iron Maiden.The Final Frontier.Superb as always.
6.Treat.Tour De Force.Chorus after chorus.Love it.
Special mentions to Ratt Infestation,Giant Promise Land and Steve Lukather All's Well That Ends Well with easily the most personal cd of the year.


1.The Big Four Live in Sofia.
2.Chickenfoot Get Your Buzz On.
3.Rush. Beyond The Lighted Stage.

Best new band cd.

2.Furyon Gravitas.
3.Vega. Kiss Of Life.
4.Faithealer.Welcome To The Edge Of The World.

1.Survivor.Vital Signs.
2.Judas Priest.British Steel.
3.Heavens Edge.
4.Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules.

On a personal note the Steve Lukather interview made the year.Top top man and just a fantastic experience.

2011 has many gigs already lined up with the list looking like 1985 Maiden,Accept,Rush,Toto,Journey/Foreigner/Styx and Europe.

New cd's from Mr Big,Journey,Ten and FM make it a good year we hope.

Nigel Hull - NH
After some thought based on value for money and enjoyment of the whole evening my top 5 are

1 Europe/Dimaond Head - Leeds 02
2 GMT - Leeds New Roscoe & Swindon The Furnace
3 Blaze Bayley/Fury UK - Wakefield Snooty Fox
4 Y&T/Fury UK - Bradford Rios
5.The Union/Voodoo Six - Leeds Rios

CDs, a bit harder, I don't seem to have bought many 2010 CDs this year so a bit hard to judge, but hear goes.

Black Country Communion
Iron Maiden - Final Frontier
Joe Bonamassa - Black Rock.
Y&T - facemelter
Blaze Bayley - Promise Terror

Biggest shock - John McCoy ringing my house!!!
Biggest Cheer Oxford 3 York 1 BSP play off final
Biggest laugh Liverpool losing to Blackpool at anfield.

Nige Robins - NR

Gigs - three stand head and shoulders above the rest

Steve Lukather - wasn't sure what to expect, took my teenage daughter along too and we both loved it. Christ that guy can play a guitar!
Green Day - Year after year these guys get better and better. It isn't a gig, it's a party.
Black Country Communion - "secret gig". only 120 of us crammed into a rehersal studio, no lights, no pyro and they blew us away!


Black Country Communion - Everything and more we hoped it would be.
Kid Rock - Born Free - less rap, more country rock and all the better for it.
Bullet for My Valentine - Fever.  New school plays old school - brilliantly.

Biggest shock - NH telling me that John McCoy had rung his house :)
(and I was right about 2010 being an year full of AOR - just don't mention Glee)

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