Skin - Oxford 02 Academy - 17 December 2010

So after last years Download reformation set and high profile acoustic shows with Chickenfoot and Mr Big,an acoustic cd and this years excellent "Breaking The Silence"cd it has turned into Skin's final bow with a 10 date UK tour.

With even brass monkeys outside losing things how would we remember Skin?
More on that later we had 2 acoustic sets to warm us up.
First up a man who appeared with both Myke Gray and Andy Robbins in Jagged Edge way back in the past.
Sadly Matti Alfonzetti was really suffering to sing a note due to a very heavy cold.
He croaked his way through a couple of originals with his humour making us all laugh especially on "Am I Fooling Myself?".
Myke came on to play acoustic on 2 well loved songs from Jagged Edge's "Fuel For Your Soul"cd "Out In The Cold"and "You Don't Love Me".
2 excellent solos from Myke and he was gone before Matti started one more song croaked and his voice had completely gone!!
Next up was Toby Jepson vox from Little Angels,ex Gun,current Fastway and solo artist.
In fact Skin supported Little Angels way back in 93 which helped them enormously as LA were on such a career high.
He was quite brilliant. He played
She's A Little Angel
Kicking Up Dust
Don't Prey For Me
I Ain't Gonna Cry
Young Gods including a bit of Backdoor Man
Too Much Too Young.
In 30 minutes he proved what he a star he is and how he should get out on the road more to show people he is still around.
The crowd needed no invitation to bellow their hearts out and he was given a fabulous send off.
The crowd now awaited Skin's final bow and over the next 75 minutes we were shown all their qualities that have been enjoyed by so many fans.
The setlist included 5 off the new cd which all were greeted like old favourites.
Born To Rockn'roll
Good To Be Back
House Of Love
Blew My Mind
How Lucky You Are
The Book Of Love
Take Me Down To The River
Look But Don't Touch
Tower Of Strength
Encore of
Perfect Day and Unbelievable.
Singer Nev Macdonald was also struggling with a heavy cold yet this seemed to help his bluesy roar to greater heights!!
He and Myke have always been the 2 stars of the band.
Nev's roar and Myke's geetar runs were all over the gig.
A couple of extended geetar workouts especially at the end of "Book Of Love"showed he can still cut it with the best.
Dickie Fliszar(drums), Andy Robbins(bass)and Colin Mcloud on keys held it all together in what was a very high tempo intense gig.
We sang,clapped,cheered,jumped and those that could danced ourselves silly.
We await the following nights last gig at Nottingham Rock City to be released on cd and another excellent UK band bites the dust.
Sad but many highlights and memories remain!!

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