Thin Lizzy - O2 Leeds 10th January 2011

Its the first time I had seen them , so unfortunately I have nothing to compare their performance by.

I knew Brian Downey the original drummer was back with them , along with Darren Wharton the long time keyboard player , Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard) , Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake) who had played with them before , Ricky Warwick (The Almighty) on vocals , and of course Scott Gorham.

My mate Stuart Morrow , former bassist with New Model Army invited me , as he was on the guest list.
Ricky Warwick the lead singer started his career with New Model Army years ago , before The Almighty and 
he and Stuart are old friends, and that is why Justin Sullivan, Joolz, and Michael Dean were also there all still connected , or playing with NMA.

The venue was packed, I would guess almost a sell out , and I thought musically the band were excellent as you would probably expect, they did the full repertoire including "Whiskey in the Jar", "Emerald" and "Bad Reputation" playing from 9.00 through to 10:45, including two encores.

Scott Gorhams solo's were very, very good, as was Vivian Campbell's. Brian Downey did a small drum solo that was not great in my opinion. The highlight for me was the driving bass of Mendoza who I thought was outstanding!
Darren Wharton did a couple of individual pieces, but apart from them he was unheard. Ricky Warwick was excellent, both singing and getting the crowd going. A very talented front man indeed, and obviously making reference to the
great Phil Lynott during the evening.

Scott Gorham incidentally looking more like Jeff Bridges these days with a grey beard , and something of a tummy! (I think Mags would have been disappointed ?)

All in all a very enjoyable night ( and free! )




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