Accept - Relentless Garage London 17 March 2011

First up Wolf from Sweden who drink from the same cup as Priest,Maiden,Saxon and Accept.

Their 40 minute 9 song set went down well with the assembled masses with a cross section from their 5 album 11 year career. "Skullcrusher" of the soon to be released "Legion Of Bastards"cd was excellent.

I haven't seen Accept since the Metal Heart tour of 1985 and after missing the Islington show in May and with the release of last year's rifftastic "Blood Of the Nations"was looking forward to this immensely.

I wasn't disappointed.

The setlist was as follows.
Teutonic Terror
Bucket Full Of Hate
New World Comin'
Restless And Wild
Son Of A Bitch
Metal Heart
Neon Knights
The Abyss
Aiming High
Princess Of The Dawn
Up To The Limit
Encores of
Fast As A Shark
Balls To The Wall
1 hour and 45 minutes flew past. From the minute they came on the crowd went mad.
Led by the pocket dynamo Mark Tornillo on vox who has filled Udo's shoes more than admirably.
His presence and vocal's do the the old music such a great credit. To his left with a mad grin/stare/smile was Wolf Hoffmann on geetar who had an utter ball all nite. His playing was excellent and always great to see a musician who has had a 30 year career still getting off on playing live.
Same for Peter Baltes on bass who hugged the stage edge all nite. His bass and geetar duel with Hoffmann was brilliant.
In the background we had Herman Frank on 2nd geetar who again had a ball and on drums we had Stefan Schwarzmann who led the decibel onslaught.

The 5 new songs all fitted in so well as I knew they would. Such great riffs and the crowd sang along to old and new songs alike. The 3 song encore was just incredible. 2 old classics with "Pandemic"sitting proudly in the middle with surely the best riff of the last 10 years. The perfect ending as all gigs should be. Sweat rolling down the walls,the crowd screaming along to every word and all leaving with a grin ear to ear and totally deaf!!

Contender for gig of the year already!!


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