Bowling for Soup: An Acoustic Evening with Jaret and Erik: Oxford O2 Academy, April 13th 2011

So here we are almost exactly one year to the day since we saw them last and nothing much has changed. But why should it? if the formula worked last time, then go with it! Very similar stage set (Table lamps, lectern etc) but with the added value of a member of the opening acts (of which Jaret and Erik are also members) popping up to assist on keyboards or do a duet.

As my wife has decided not to come along tonight (due to catching my "manflu" apparently)  it was up to me to man-up and take on the role of "Responsible Adult" as I took along my BFS loving 8 year old daughter. Realising that she wasn't going to see much, simply resulted in us being stationed at the back with me leaning on, and her sitting on, the bar... Result!

We then spent 2 hours in the very pleasant company of Erik and Jaret (had we turned up on time it would have been much longer as they also appear in the support bands - People on Vacation (Jaret), Erik Chandler and the Mulberry Street Socialites and long term BFS collaborator Linus of Hollywood!). Their pop-punk songs work perfectly in an acoustic setting (even the brilliant "Really Cool Dance Song"), in fact it adds an extra dimension to some of their ballads.  Frequently chatting to each other and the audience between - and during - songs, this was a light hearted acoustic romp through some of the BFS back catalogue and a few new tracks from the forth coming album.  Maybe in an attempt to shut up the person who kept yelling "Emily" last year - They opened with "Almost" and went straight into "Emily" (so to speak) and didn't let up. I can't recall the whole setlist, but we had "A-Hole", "Trucker Hat", "Punk Rock 101" "Belgium", "Bitch Song", "High School Never Ends" and of course "Girl all the Bad Guys Want" and "1985".  Absolutely recommended.. hopefully this is an annual event now.

Full band are back for Download and a UK tour (but not Oxford) in October.


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