Exclusive Interview with Nigel Glockler of Saxon

Nigel Glockler is the drummer with rock legends Saxon and we have been fortunate enough to get an exclusive interview with him as the band embarks on their UK tour. We shall be posting reviews from the shows at Leeds and Bristol as well soon.

Rockgig. How has the band become involved in the Norrdoff Robbins and Childline charities? I think it's a great idea and a really nice gesture by the band.
NG. The initial seed was planted by Maiden's manager, Rod Smallwood - there was going to be a cycle ride across Cuba - would Biff take part - with the band's schedule it was impossible so it was decided to invite people to donate money in exchange for coming to meet the band and watch a soundcheck.

Rockgig. Any idea how much you'll raise for the charities through the sound check fund raiser?
NG. No idea so far but it's looking good! We are taking £10. per head.

Rockgig. The new CD Call to Arms isn't out until 23rd May, after the UK tour, have you got any favorites yet and how many songs are we likely to hear from the new CD on the UK tour?
NG. At the moment we're playing four new tracks - we didn't want to play any more at this stage - basically, we don't want all the tracks on youtube before the album comes out. Haven't got a favourite - it's always great and refreshing to play new material.

NH from Rockgig with Nigel Clockler at Leeds on 17 April

Rockgig. The new song Hammer of the Gods has had over 62,000 hits on the 747 web site, you must be really pleased with that?
NG. Yep, that's fantastic!

Rockgig. You have played a couple of shows on a ship recently as part of the 70,000 tons of metal tour, how did they go, and was anyone sea sick?
NG. It was definitely a new experience - but it was most enjoyable - we played two headline shows, the second of which was during a particularly choppy sea so it was amusing to say the least - the guys were trying to keep their balance and at one point I went to hit a cymbal and missed! - but both shows were great. No-one was seasick thank god! - and the food was superb!

Rockgig. The tickets for the tour look great value for money, especially with the two support bands you have playing with you (Wolfsbane and Fury UK). Was it a conscious decision deliver such a great value for money show, or did it just happen that way?
NG. We always like to put a good package together for the fans - with ticket prices nowadays we feel it's important to give value for money.

Rockgig. Here at Rockgig.co.uk we've been lucky enough to see Fury UK a few times, and hear there CD, which we really like. Have you heard or seen them play yet?
NG. I first saw Fury UK a couple of years ago at a St.George's Day gig organised by the Saxon forum in aid of the 'Help For Heroes' charity - they're a great band and a nice bunch of guys too!

Rockgig. What music are you listening to currently?
NG. I listen to all kinds of stuff - prog, metal, classical, ambient, choral - depends what mood I'm in. One minute it could be Slipknot, the next Mike Oldfield, the next early Genesis, the next Russian Orthodox choral stuff, then Stone Sour, then Porcupine Tree, then Cream, then Delius! I just love music full-stop! - as long as it's not crap! - and there is a lot of that around!

Rockgig. The band have a reputation as big tea drinkers (I think it started from information on the back of The Eagle Has Landed LP) are you all still big tea drinkers, if so any favourites?
NG. Oh yeah - still drink loads of tea! - PG Tips is my fave! - but I also love to drink Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchon. Actually, I've just got into drinking Honey Ginger Latte which I get from a Chinese supermarket near me - ginger's really good for you - but you can't beat the kick of that first strong mug of PG in the morning!

Rockgig. Over the years Saxon must have toured in countless countries, is there anywhere that you still like to go and play live that you've not been to before?
NG. That's a hard one - New Zealand is one place I'd love to go to - also St Petersburg in Russia - we've only played Moscow there so far. That still leaves a lot of countries - I guess anywhere there are Saxon fans would be cool!
The Saxon UK tour, with support from Wolfsbane and Fury UK continues at the following venues
Thurs 14th Glasgow O2 ABC 0871 230 7131 £16.50
Fri 15th Newcastle O2 Academy 0844 477 2000 £17.50
Sun 17th Leeds O2 Academy 0844 477 2000 £17.50
Mon 18th Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall 0870 320 7000 £17.50
Tue 19th Bristol O2 Academy 0844 477 2000 £17.50
Thurs 21st Falmouth Princess Pavilion 0871 220 0260 £17.50
Fri 22nd Bournemouth O2 Academy 0844 477 2000 £16.50
Sat 23rd London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire 0844 477 2000 £18.50

The New CD called Call To Arms is released on the 23rd May You can listen Hammer of the Gods from the CD on the official Saxon web site.
I would like to thank Nigel Glockler very much for his time and wish Saxon (a band I've followed since 1980) all the best for the future.


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