Magnum, Gwyn Ashton - Oxford O2 Academy 18 April 2011

First up Gwyn Ashton's Two man Blues Army. A heady mix of heavy blues,garage rock,60's psychedelia,swamp blues that at times veered from wonderful to way out of tune.
There was wonderful chemistry with drummer Kev Hickman and they went down well with the quickly swelling crowd.

Magnum in support of their latest creation "The Visitation".
The 1 hour 45 minute set was a great mixture of old and new from the new cd and also since the reformation a few cd's ago.

The setlist was
Back to Earth
When We Were Younger
Wild Angels
Brand New Morning
Mother Nature's Final Dance
How Far Jerusalem
Spin Like A Wheel
The Moonking
Freedom Day
Les Morts Dansant
Black Skies
All My Bridges
All Englands Eyes
Encores of :-
Kingdom Of Madness
On A Story Teller's Night

The new cd songs which if I'm honest are a little pedestrian on cd all were kicked into shape by Harry James(drums)who along with bassist Al Barrow put on an incredible rhythm team. Al as the youngest did all the bouncing around for the rest of band.
Mark Stanway(keys)embellished all songs with depth leaving Tony Clarkin(geetar)to play over the top. After Gwyn Ashton's sound it was a joy to hear such clean melodic tones(no pun intended!!)
Bob Catley on vox was Bob. His voice for a man of 40 years in the business was brilliant and we had the usual Bob workout video movement that you can love or hate or both.
The sound was excellent and the rumoured live cd from the tour should be brilliant with the Oxford crowd giving it some especially for the legendary songs which were all played just so!! The last 4 with the encores were off the scale.
So another Magnum tour and long may they continue.

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