Saxon, Wolfsbane, Fury UK – Bristol -02 Academy 19 April 2011

As luck would have I was in the Bristol area when Saxon played to another great crowd on Tuesday, so I was able to take in a second show on the tour.

Fury UK again put in a blistering set which went down really well with the Bristol crowd. Wolfsbane also put in another show which was really well received.
Saxon opened up again with Hammer of the Gods and Heavy Metal Thunder, but just as I thought I knew what was coming they through in Motorcycle Man and after this the set list was really changed around from two nights earlier. We also had Atila the Hunn in the set and Demon Sweeny Todd ran straight into Battalions of Steel.
If you weren’t lucky enough to see Saxon this tour they will be back in the UK after the summer so get saving your money because you really do need to get a ticket to see this band.


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