Exclusive Interview With Nigel Glockler

We've managed to secure another quick word with Saxon's drummer Nigel Glockler. Don't forget that the new album Call to Arms is out in the UK on 6 June 2011. You can read our review here.

Could you talk Rockgig.co.uk through the tracks on the Call to Arms album and how they came about?

NG. The writing of the album was a while back so I think the best way to describe how we get material together is as follows - We either get ideas at home and bring them to the writing sessions or send them to each other or ideas may come about with us all in the rehearsal room - someone has to have some basic idea, say a riff or melody or song title - we cant just go 1 2 3 play! - there has to be a starting point - we jam a lot too. And, in Osnabruck, during our sound check, I was playing a drum pattern which Paul put a great riff to and we recorded it for future reference - there are no hard and fast rules about composing - something can happen at any time.

Why was Toby Jepson used for the production of the album and what was he like to work with?

NG. Toby is trying to make a name for himself as a producer and we'd already decided to go back to recording the way we used to and be less reliant on the technology - to actually play together in the studio to get a great vibe down on tape - we wanted to move away from a more overblown production - and away from the Euro-metal type production - no fast double kick drum tracks for example - we met up with Toby, heard what he had to say, liked his ideas, and decided to give him a go - I personally enjoyed having him in the control room while I was laying down the drum tracks - I found him able to get the best out of me - I guess he spurred me on in a kind of way and made me push myself hard.

How did the band end writing songs for the forthcoming movie Hybrid?

NG. This was initially through Toby meeting Neil Marshall the director of said film and it went from there - Doomsday was already written and No Rest For the Wicked came about later on during recording.

The recent UK tour seemed to be really well supported were the band surprised at how well the tour went?

NG. Yep, we were absolutely over the moon with the UK attendances!

At the Bristol show Biff mention that Saxon were coming back to play more UK shows after the summer. Are there any more details yet?

NG. as for more UK dates, we're looking at setting up some shows in the autumn but, as of yet, that's still at the planning stage - as soon as anything is finalised the dates will be up on our site -

We'd like to thank Nigel for his time in answering the questions, and we'd like to thank Sharon at The Publicity Connection for all of her help in arranging it, http://www.rockgig.co.uk/ really do appreciate it.


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