Free download from Black Country Communion

Our favourite band Black Country Communion are giving away a track from their forthcoming album. To get the track "Outsider" just go here. If you want a teaser then just click below....

In other BCC news; their official website states that  in a recent interview Jason Bonham has revealed details of a track on the new Black Country Communion album that was formerly started with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones in 2008.
Speaking to the Toronto Sun he revealed “There’s a song that started off as an idea that I worked on with (them), so I was happy to finish it off with this band and have it come out, It’s called Save Me. You’ll notice it in the riff. You’ll hear a slight Zepesque riff … it’s got a definite feel to it.”

A few years ago Jason Bonham, the son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, was working with the band for several months after the band’s reunion concert in London, however things didn’t happen after singer Robert Plant decided not to join them. “I was very much under the illusion that we were going to write an album and we were going to put together a new project,” he said about working with his father’s band, “It was winter, like early December of 2008 when it kind of came to a halt, which was a hard thing for me to get over for a while. I had just played the concert of my life.”
His Black Country Communion bandmate, Glenn Hughes, has also distanced himself from the rumours and possibilities of a Deep Purple MK III reunion with David Coverdale, Richie Blackmore, Jon Lord and Ian Paice stating on his Facebook page, “I get asked the same question about Deep Purple in every interview. But I’m all about the present, not the past. Black Country Communion is now – and David is the only member of MkIII who has remained a true brother all through the years and stood by me.”

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