Black Country Communion - 2 Album Review

Joe Bonamassa must have invented a 48 hour day. His solo albums just get better and better and more and more frequent, he's touring both on his own and with BCC and now from somewhere he's found time to get involved in the second Black Country Communion album.  Released a mere 9 months since their wonderful debut album (see review here), Bonamassa, Hughes, Bonham and Sherinian have come up trumps once again (although frankly they obviously saved a bit of time on the sleeve design and album name!)
I've played this album a few times now and to be honest I have to say that, as with the first album, it doesn't initially hit you with that "WOW factor"...and that's not me being tactful, it's just that when you first play it, it's impressive but nothing really leaps out at you. But then on subsequent plays, you notice the fine work that Derek Sherinian put's in - he seems much higher in the mix this time around, and the overall sound benefits from that. Glenn Hughes' vocals are top notch and as with the debut album, Bonamassa takes lead vocal on a couple of tracks that benefit from his more refined, smooth vocals. Jason Bonham is a powerhouse throughout the album which once again bring Led Zep comparisons on a couple of tracks. Personally I don't think that there is anything on the album that compares with the remarkable "Song of Yesterday" from the debut, but this album is a grower - ask me again in a week or so and I may have changed my mind as there are some monster riffs on here. Smokestack Woman rips its way out of the speakers, the track "Cold" has another masterclass guitar solo from Bonamassa and the longest track on the album , the eight minute No Ordinary Son is sublime. Repeated plays prove that this is an album of technical and artistic brilliance - each play uncovering a subtle nuance that the listener may have overlooked initially. I suspect that this is destined to become a classic - it just might take a few plays to convince everyone.

2 is released in the UK on Monday 13th June via Mascot Records, and on June 14th in the US on J&R Adventures.


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