Foreigner - Rockin’ the Ryman DVD

I have to say the Foreigner had totally dropped off of my radar until I caught some impressive footage of them at last year’s High Voltage festival. So this DVD was a great opportunity to bring myself up to date with what the band are doing. It is filmed at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, a quick search on the internet will tell you all about it, which is a small theatre type venue and really lends itself well to the filming of the DVD. Throughout the show is well lit and the camera work is good and benefits as well from being filmed in stunning High Definition.

The set has all the classics you would expect, plus a couple of tracks from the recent studio album Can’t Slow Down. For me the star of the show is Kelly Hanson who puts in a great performance as singer and all round front man, his energy seems to have really been captured on the DVD. Founding member Mick Jones put some real rock into proceedings that may catch a few people out if they are only familiar with the ballads. If I had to pick a couple of favorite tracks I’d go for Juke Box Hero, which really shows the band at their rocking best and Urgent which features the talents of multi instrumental, and Ben Stiller look a like, Tom Gimbel on Saxophone, brilliant.

As well as the main show there are four songs recorded during the PBS concert series Soundstage, which includes the highlight of the DVD for me Say You Will, featuring a great arrangement by bass player Jeff Pilson.

You also get three promo videos from the recent album and an interview with Mick Jones and Kelly Hanson, which is short and snappy but informative.

If you were lucky enough to see Foreigner in UK recently I think this DVD would be a good memento of the current version of the band and if like me you didn’t get to see them it’s also a good way to see what you missed.

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