Iron Maiden – Airbourne – Sheffield Arena 24 July 2011

Sheffield arena is sold out for tonight’s show. Airbourne give a great account of themselves and get a great response from the crowd who lap up the no-nonsense rock n roll they deliver.

After what seems like the longest intro ever Iron Maiden hit the stage to the title track from the latest CD The Final Frontier, during this track I’ve moved a good 10 foot forward of my original starting position as the crowd surges forward. Without a pause we are into El Dorado, the sound is great, just few times Bruce gets slightly lost in the mix. Two Minutes to Midnight keep the set moving along nicely. This is a band who are on top of there game and know what the paying punter what’s. This British metal at it’s best, with everyone seeming to know ever word to every song. For the encore we have Number of the Beast, Hallowed be Thy Name and Running Free. By the end I am shattered and everyone around me seems to have had great night.

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