"Dump the Chump" - Dokken reunite minus Don.

According to Peter Hodgson at Gibson.comThe planned classic-era Dokken reunion now may be off the table, but that hasn’t stopped three quarters of the band from getting together to lay down some tracks, both old and new, and taking a little dig at the missing member in the process.

George Lynch has told Classic Rock Revisited that he has formed a new band with Dokken alumni Jeff Pilson (bass) and “Wild” Mick Brown (drums) called Tooth and Nail, named after a Dokken album. “That’s Dokken without Don,” Lynch explained. “The record is called Dump the Chump.”
Pilson, who now plays in Foreigner, is a very capable vocalist, taking the mic for the brilliant Lynch/Pilson album Wicked Underground in 2005. “When the Dokken reunion was not going to happen we just said, ‘Why don’t we just do this? This is way cooler,’” Lynch told Classic Rock Revisited. “Many years later, we are doing it and it is just for fun. It is half new material and it is half old Dokken material.”
Lynch says Tooth and Nail have already started recording, and will finish work on Dump the Chump around the end of the year, after his and Pilson’s schedules have cleared

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