Chickenfoot III - Review

Chickenfoot 3 is the second cd from the rock supergroup which vocalist Sammy Hagar says is so good that's why they missed out the difficult second cd!!

And do you know what I think? - He's right.
I loved the first cd and was lucky enough to be at the amazing Shepherds Bush gig back in 2009 but this sounds just so good.
It feels like a band this time with not quite so much jamming as they had a little more time to write the songs and dig into an unstoppable groove.
Hagar sounds like a man possessed and the rhythm section of Michael Anthony(bass)and Chad Smith(drums)lay down such a groove and Michael's backing vocals just like his work with Van Halen are just phenomenal. I bet when Van Halen eventually release something they will wish they could go back 10 years!!

Joe Satriani is just stunning on this. He reigns himself in in comparison to his solo work but he is still all over it with riffs and solos from another planet.

Highlights?  All of it.

It clocks in around 45 minutes so no over playing -  gets in, hits hard and leaves.

"Last Tempation" kicks off with Sammy hollering "I've been a sinner" and you believe him. A big riff and a real kicking rhythm and big chorus and a real statement of intent.

"Alright Alright" is a real rock n'roll number with a real party feel and another huge chorus that has you singing it for days. "Different Devil" slows things down a bit with some wonderful picking from Joe and a  real story telling performance from Sammy. This will sound great on the radio and some huge Michael back up vocals.

"Up Next" has a huge stomping riff and groove and will go down a storm live. Sammy tells a story of immortality and arriving at the pearly gates in shades, shorts and flip flops which you know he will.More huge backing vocals and a killer solo from Joe.

"Lighten Up" starts like a Deep Purple before another huge Joe riff kicks in. Joe really takes over with lots of extra guitar all over it alongside the huge riff and another huge chorus. "Come Closer" is the one real ballad and most personal song on the CD. Sammy puts everything into a song that is dedicated to his manager John Carter who passed away during the recording process.

"Three And A Half Letters" is a loud and angry song with Sammy reading/singing out letters that have been sent to him showing people who are homeless,war veterans and have no jobs.When Sammy screams "I Need A Job" during the chorus he means it for these people. A real great groove too from Chad and a great solo from Joe. "Big Foot" is just a perfect rock n'roll song with a great big groove and more big choruses and backing vocals too. "Dubai Blues"is the real bluesy rocker with a huge chorus and more great solo work from Joe. "Something Gone Wrong" starts with Joe on an acoustic and we have such a tuneful bluesy number again with huge backing vocals and  a short sharp Joe solo. A truly great song to end on.
Photo Credit: (c) Jon Hill
Produced wonderfully by Mike Fraser it captures a band who are having fun and have produced a CD I want to listen to again and again....and each time I have a huge smile on my face and that's what it's supposed to be about isn't it?

Roll on Brixton in January!!

Ps Excellent 3d packaging too.

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