This CD was recorded in 2009 but for some reason (or reasons) that I don’t know has only just been published. Hailing from Milton Keynes this band are certainly a colourful bunch.
So is there any substance behind all that glam? Well I think there is, the CD starts with three good standard rock songs Get It, MIA and Too Good before moving up a notch with Smoking Out the Neighbourhood. The quality remains, but there is a change of pace with Nobody Said it Would be Easy, a potential single if such things still exist.  Next up is my stand out track . Track 7 takes us on an interesting trip to Rip Off Britain, I would imagine that it could be good live track and echoes a lot of what we are all feeling at the moment. In a similar vain Used to Be is another well structured song with a catchy chorus, before we board the Rocket 2ur Heart a song at a faster pace. Finally we have a real turn of pace as we slow down for Brining Back the Heartache which slowly builds into a great guitar finish.
At just under 37 minutes it’s not going to be the longest CD you’ll ever own, but you can be assured that Lionsex are a band who know how to rock and can deliver a catchy song that you’ll soon be singing along to.

I’m looking forward to seeing them deliver these songs in a live environment

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