Nigel Glockler - Exclusive Interview

Rockgig have been blessed again with the opportunity to ask Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler a few questions.

RG. What does 2012 hold for the band?

NG. Firstly, we're taking a break!!! - it's been a very heavy year touring-wise so i'm going off the radar in January - beside i've got the Namm show to visit. Then i guess we'll be looking at some more touring - i think there's a possibility of some more South American shows in countries we missed last time - also, we'll start collating ideas for the next album during the year - then of course we hit 'Festival Season".

We'd really like to get on a package and go back to the US too. Everything's in the planning stage at the moment.

RG. How did the recent US tour go?

NG. We were extremely pleased with the reception over there - we usually just play Texas and New York so it was fantastic to test the waters in other areas and get such a positive reaction! As I said in the previous answer, we'd love to get on a big package and go back over there to play larger venues and visit more cities.

RG. Call To Arms has been critically acclaimed is that how you see success in 2011 as cd sales continue to dwindle?

NG. The album's selling very well - both in cd form and as a download - more and more people prefer downloads it seems - i guess they can load the songs straight onto their mp3 players.,Ipods etc. The album reviews have been brilliant generally - yep, we're very happy with the way it's been received, on both sides of the pond!

RG. Will you do the soundcheck experience for the Christmas shows after the success of the April dates?

NG. As far as I know, there aren't any plans to do this on these forthcoming shows. If there's any change I'll let you know.

RG. You played 4 songs from The Call to Arms CD on the April Tour Will we hear anymore songs from it on this tour? - particularly like Chasing the Bullet

NG. We were actually playing more stuff from the album on the US/South American tour so I think we'll probably keep them all in for this leg of the world tour - and we like playing Chasing The Bullet too!!

RG.. Who picks the setlist for each night and do you try to rotate it?

NG. We try to keep the setlist pretty constant every gig, although we might throw in the odd change here and there - generally, the new songs stay in because that's the reason a band tours - to showcase the new tracks - so some of the old favourites get chopped about.

RG. Do you prefer your music as a download or a cd?

NG. Personally i like to actually have the physical copy of the cd in my hand - I like to read the sleeve notes etc, know who's played what, and so on, but i know a lot of people prefer downloads and don't want the hassle of having to store a load of cds. I think the download thing is fine if you only want one or two tracks off an album - that's when I download songs but, as I said, if I want a whole album, I'll buy the cd- then I'll load it into my itunes and have it on my computer for loading into a personal player.

Rockgig would like to say a big thank you to Nigel for his time in answering the questions.

Saxon are on tour in December.

13 December Oxford O2 Academy
14 December Leicester O2 Academy
16 December Edinburgh Picturehouse
17 December Belfast Mandela Hall
19 December Sheffield O2 Academy
20 December London Koko

Rockgig hope to bring you reviews from both the Oxford and Sheffield shows.

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