Symphony X Islington Academy 26th October 2011

First up were D.G.M. who I hadn't heard of until I saw they were here and after a bit of looking found an Italian progressive power metal band who have been around since the mid 90's originally as an instrumental band only.
Over their last couple of cd's they have built a strong reputation as a live and studio band. And over 45 minutes did nothing to dent that. In fact I suggest they picked up quite a few fans from this evening.
Led by Mark Basile on vocals they led us through 8 songs all from their 2009 "Frame" cd. Soaring vocals and some stunning guitar and keyboard interplay from Simone Mularoni (guitar)and Emanuele Casali (keyboards) were at the forefront of it all with Fabio Constantino (drums) and Andrea Arcangeli (bass) laying it all down at the back.
The band on their first visit to London had a ball and were received very well by the size able crowd.
A great warm up but all present were looking forward to Symphony X's second London show this year.I saw them support Dream Theater back in 2007 and after this years quite magnificent "Iconoclast" cd the anticipation was high.
No one was disappointed over the course of the next 95 minutes they showed why they are right at the top of the progressive metal ladder.
This is what they played:

  • Iconoclast
  • The End Of Innocence
  • Dehumanized
  • Bastards Of The Machine
  • Electric Messiah
  • When All Is Lost
  • Children Of A Faceless God
  • Heretic
  • Inferno(Unleash The Fire)
  • Of Sins And Shadows
  • Encores of 
  • Eve Of Seduction
  • Serpents Kiss
  • Set The World On Fire(The Lie Of Lies)

Not many bands can go straight into a 10 minute song and follow it with another 7 more off the new cd(only Prometheus I Am Alive not being played) but we got that tonight. In fact I wouldn't have minded if we had had all 13 tracks from the limited edition version!!
The crowd response was as loud as I have ever heard this place.
Time changes a plenty, guitar and keyboard interplay, soaring vocals, screaming guitars and a bordering on thrash at times drumming all top notch.Michael LePond (bass), Jason Rulla (drums) and Michael Pinella (keyboards) tie down an enormous groove leaving Michael Romeo on guitar the chance to riff and solo at his will and at times his speed and technique was amazing but never missing the chance to remain quite melodic amongst this wall of sound.
Last but by no means least is one of the best frontmen on the planet. Russell Allen is the consummate entertainer. Possessing an enormous voice, quite Dioesque at times, he roams the stage always asking more from the crowd which he and the band feed off.
During the one slower song of the night "When All Is Lost" it gave Russell Allen a chance to show off his voice to great effect and great melodic solo from Romeo too. Brilliant.
Finishing with 5 older classics with a a quite superb Set The World On Fire when they were joined by D.G.M. on backing vocals and assorted drumming for and end of tour love in!!
Fantastic night out.
That's what I love about this genre of music we love.
3 gigs in 6 nights all totally different but all superb in their own right.

ME 10/10

Just to thank the controller of the London transport system for closing Hanger Lane tunnel and then more roadworks a mile up the road at Perivale. In 75 minutes I did about 2 miles.

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