Blues Rock Review Album Sampler Review

Blues Rock Review have decided to launch an Album Sampler of up and coming artists.  When I saw the track listing I must admit that they were all unknown to me so it was with an open mind (and a little trepidation I must admit) that I chucked it into the iPod, turned it up and pressed "play".

I needn't have worried - Blues Rock Review have come up with an essential selection of blues rock tracks that will have you rushing to Google to find out more about the artists (I did!). There is not a bad track on the album.

First up is "Backstabber" by Virgil and the Accelerators -It rumbles with with an infectious Nugent-lite riff. Virgil and the Accelerators "The Radium" album was 2nd in the top 20 albums of 2011 in the Blues Rock Review poll - above Joe Bonamassa,  Kenny Wayne Shepherd and a lot more, so that in itself speaks volumes.

I don't usually like comparing bands, as each one has their own merits but sometimes (like now) it's a useful way of letting you know what these tracks sound like - particularly as you may be unfamiliar with the artist involved.  So with that out of the way, and apologies to all concerned for the comparisons,  let's crack on...

Brutal Jooks are next with "Believer" - nice track, light distortion on the vocals - has a definite Black Keys vibe.

"'Til We Get Home" by The Sheriffs of Nottingham (who hail from Memphis and not Robin Hood country) is a glorious track - silky smooth vocals over a mid-tempo song that builds to a crackling guitar solo that made me want to plug the Les Paul in and join in. Great stuff.

The Dirty Streets "Tryin' Too Hard' is definitely blues rock but also has a nice,loose, sleazy edge to it.

Whiskey by "Dark Stares" - Great things are possible for Dark Stares if they keep making music like this. If this track is anything to go by they have definite crossover appeal  as they would be equally at home on the same bill as The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars or The Black Keys.

Dan Patlansky's "Daddy's Old Gun" is more the kind of track that you could imagine Kenny Wayne Shepherd or Philip Sayce performing. The comparison's don't end there though as it's a great track with superb guitar playing that both KWS and Sayce would be proud of. Add in Dan's smokey vocals and it's a winner. Surely a star in the making.

The Heavy Eyes - "Iron Giants". Wow! - A great riff that sounds like Tony Iommi playing Hendrix.

"Devil's Playground" by Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo reminded me of Marcus Bonfanti with a cool, hypnotic riff and some great, swampy slide guitar.

The album closer "Restless Soul" by the Patrick Dodd Trio is a beautifully thought out ballad with a sparse arrangement at the start, with soulful vocals being the main instrument, until the drums kick in, with the female backing singers and a tasteful guitar solo enhances, but doesn't take over the song. Love it.. best track on a really good, strong album.

Nice work BRR.

You can download the album from from June 12th.


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