Candice Night - Reflections

When I recently reviewed the Blackmore’s Night A Knight in York DVD the standout performance for me was undoubtedly that of singer Candice Night. So when the chance to review her debut CD, Reflections, came along in jumped at the opportunity.

The CD has 10 tracks. All of the tracks have been written by Candice. The CD opens with tuneful Wind is Calling (Hush the Wind) before moving onto the more lively and catchy Gone Gone Gone, that has a modern country music structure It has the feel of something that could be released as a single and receive radio air play. In contrast Black Rose has a beautiful, but haunting sound opening with the sound reminiscent of a music box followed by violins that leads me to think of Romany folk music.

The ballad Now and Then provides a change of pace before we move onto the lively and very different Dangerous Smile. This song contains distorted vocals and a catchy jagged guitar rift that catches the imagination through out the song. For You nods its head to the renaissance sounds of Blackmore’s Knight. My favorite track Call It Love has real a commercial sing along melody. It reminds me of the sort of radio friendly song that The Corrs might have made in their prime. Robin Red Breast changes the pace and feel of the CD yet again with another lovely ballad before they final vocal track Alone With Fate which has a Russian folk feel. The CD concludes with an instrumental track called In Time.

Through out, the production is crisp, and it sets a pleasing contemporary tone. Hopefully this CD will receive the praise and recognition it deserves.


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