Motorhead - The World is Ours - Volume 2.

This new live offering from Motorhead comes in a number of different formats. We have been lucky enough to be given the chance to review to double CD pack.

The bulk of this CD was recorded at Wacken in 2011 (this covers the whole of CD 1) and to me they have really captured the true essence of the live Motorhead experience. Opening up with Iron Fist the band take us through a set list that includes a mixture of songs from their lengthy career. Tracks from their most recent The World is Yours CD include Get Back in Line & I Know How to Die blend in with older material, highlights including a lively version of No Class, the timeless Over the Top, Metropolis, Rock Out and of course that classic rock n roll number Going to Brazil.

One if the thinks I like about this CD is the raw feel that the band have managed to capture in the production by leaving the tuning up and banter in between the tracks. If you put your headphones on, turn it up and close your eyes you could be there.

The second CD has the encore from the Wacken show of Ace of Spades and Overkill. The remainder of the CD contains different versions of the tracks recorded at the Sonisphere Festival and Rock in Rio 2011. The editing of these tracks is a little more “clunky” which slightly spoils the listeners enjoyment, but this is only a minor criticism of some otherwise excellent recordings.

Lemmy dedicated the songs from the Sonisphere set to former Motorhead guitarist Michael “Wurzel” Burston how had died the day before the show.

This package is available as DVD, Blu-ray, Double Vinyl, CD & Download and in now available as a very special Direct to Consumer fan package.
The Direct to Consumer fan package is a 12x12” deluxe panel coffee table style photograph book. On 150 pages of high quality paper you will be able to enjoy rare and unreleased photo material, stage shots and backstage impressions of the band, their road crew and the fans.
Steffan  Chirazi, editor of the Metallica Fan Club Magazine and independent  author  shares  stories  of his personal experiences  with Motörhead and allows the reader to dig deeper  into their daily routine, filled with anecdotes  about the legendary rock`n`roll band.
This Direct to Consumer fan package also includes The World is Ours Vol 2 DVD/Blueray and double CD. This collectors edition is limited to 1,000 units worldwide

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