Vega Borderline London 4-11-12

First time for us to the Borderline must hold 200 maximum.Great sound and vibe though!!
First up were Degreed from Stockholm who first appeared on the radar with their debut cd “Life Loss Love”through records in 2010.
On their first visit to the UK they made a great impression over the course of 35 minutes.
Led by the classic rock voice of bass player Rob Ericsson and the heavy duty guitar duo of Jesper Adefelt and Daniel Johansson they hit the groove fro the start.
Songs from the debut cd included “Just Imagine”,the huge chorus of “A Little Bit”,”Human Being”and set closer “Arms Of Misery” all show heavy guitars,a real sense of melody and big choruses.
New song “Black Cat”again shows the same quality and hopes should be high for their next cd due out in early 2013.

Shame about Tainted Nation who were up next though.Led by Eden’s Curse drummer Pete Newdeck on vocals(!)their traditional/NWOBHM style just didn’t fit tonight.
Uninspiring vocals and big gang choruses just made me bored!!

I’ve loved Vega from the first note I heard of their classic first cd “Kiss Of Life”back in 2010 but this was my first opportunity to see them live.
I wasn’t disappointed.Bolstered to a 6 piece live by 2 guitarist’s (Nick Horne one of them who played on the first cd)and led by vocalist supreme Nick Workman their hour on stage flew past.
The set was split equally with 6 from the “Kiss Of Life” cd
Kiss Of Life(perfect set opener)
Stay With Me
Headlights(acoustic start showing off Nick’s voice to a T)
Hearts Of Glass
Into The Wild(perfect evening closer)
and 6 from the soon to be released “What The Hell” cd
Not There For You
She Walks Alone
What The Hell
Bless My Soul
White Knuckle Ride(the new single)
Hands In The Air(a new set closing masterpiece)

In front of a crowd of only 150 or so this was the last of 3 dates to promote the new single “White Knuckle Ride”which has all of Vega’s attribute’s of huge choruses and enough melody for 100 bands.

Ably backed by Dan Chantrey on drums,Tom Martin on bass and James Martin on keys Nick Workman played the crowd like it was Wembley.His wonderful voice and stage presence took it another level.
With the songs having plenty of crowd participation in every one even the new ones had the crowd singing along with Degreed leading the charge from the front.

All the new songs hit the spot with “Bless My Soul” and “SheWalks Alone”sounding superb with huge choruses and guitar solos that are just long enough.It’s all about the song.
Set closer “Hands In The Air” after one play is a fan favourite with it’s obvious reference to crowd participation and the huge singalong to encore “Into The Wild”finished the evening off on a high.

With songs so huge we can only hope that the new “What The Hell”cd with all it’s choruses,hooks and melody to die for is the huge hit it deserves to be.

They need a big support slot so the masses can hear them Bon Jovi’s tour next year would be a good start!!

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