Bon Jovi - Live on BBC Radio 2 tonight

Just a quick follow up on the post below- Bon Jovi are playing live on BBC Radio 2 tonight.

Details are here :

The band have also added another date to their UK dates this summer with the latest being London Hyde Park on the 5th of July.Tickets go on sale next week.


  1. I watched 10 minutes of their BBC gig and switched it off through sheer boredom,it was dire ,passionless,going through the motions,with a could,nt care less attitude.It struck me as "we,ve got an album and tour to promote"lets do it and get out and mug them off and take their money.I got the impression they take their selves a little too seriously,especially the main two,it's all all hair cuts and looking pretty for the girls.Let's face it their hardly U2!!!!!


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