Danny and Ben (Thunder) - Do It Again

Last year Danny and Ben from Thunder did a small tour of chat, songs and stories, and as the title of the tour suggests. they've done it again.

We were sat in an intimate auditorium of around 400 people in Milton Keynes with just them on stage with a guitar and keyboard - Fantastic sound quality by the way - well done MK Stables! .. and them just chatting about things they've got up to over the last 20 odd years.  The audience joined in with some, shall we say, conversational heckling.  It was great fun, just like having a conversation with old mates. It was full of stupid jokes, stories about being on the road and general chat from the world of Thunder.  This went on for about an hour then we had an interval (complete with Ice Cream lady standing off to the side) and then around another hour.

Despite all the banter and chat, when Danny sang you could hear a pin drop.  We all know how good the songs are (they focussed on covers and tracks from the first album)  and how good Danny's voice is, but when they are stripped down like that you realise that actually his voice isn't just good it's bloody amazing and the songs are great!  Ben too, whilst being good on the guitar seems to be even better on the keyboards - and fact fans - when he laughs he looks like a long haired Phil Tuffnell.

We had stories about German dwarf promoters (cue - Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy etc jokes), Top of the Pops exploits, being chased by Take That fans, drinking a groupies contact lenses.. and plenty more. Each one was a gem, and delivered with warm, infectious humour.

This is a rough stab at the set list - I was enjoying myself too much to make a note so I might have missed a couple.. we had a story between each song .. but something like, in no particular order apart from first and last song :

Get Where I Belong (Free)
Back Street Symphony
She's So Fine
One Night (Elvis)
Don't Wait For me
An Englishman on Holiday
The Devil Made Me Do It  ("here's a song about masturbation")
Stand Up
See my Baby Walking ("this one is about Luke's girlfriend's arse")
(War pigs - Jazz Lounge version !!)
Unchain My Heart (joe cocker) - with members of audience playing cow bells etc
A Better Man (encore)

Something different for us Thunder fans and well worth attending every time they do this.

Here's some clips from their earlier shows this year to give you a taster..

There's some stuff from last years studio CD here .. https://soundcloud.com/daniel-bowes-1


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