Threshold Camden Underworld 01-03-13

First up were Cryptex who were a 3 piece German progressive folk act who played a 30 minute acoustic set.
The most impressive thing about them was the enormous merchandise stand they had which was just incredible for a band of this magnitude.The singer's slight accent didn't do a lot  for me and it was soon over.

The Enochian Theory were next and played a heavy prog with plenty of time changes and at times the drummer seemed to be playing a different song.Too many samples and a poor mix didn't help either.

So 6 month's after the release of the quite wonderful "March Of Progress" cd Threshold were starting a short European tour with 16 dates in 17 days.
The Underworld was rammed full and for 100 minutes we were treated to a  magnificent set that showed everything that makes them so special.
Huge riffs,thunderous drums,superb bass and keys,vocals off the scale and guitar solos that were melodic,technical and just right!!
Here is what they played
Mission Profile 
Don’t Look Down 
Part of the Chaos
Pilot in the Sky of Dreams
Staring at the Sun
Long Way Home 
The Rubicon

"Mission Profile" started the set on a high with Damian Wilson in great form and showing what a great frontman he is begging the crowd to give more.In fact his in between song banter was superb.

One story telling us that the beard he was sporting was the most unpopular thing he had ever done which meant he was keeping it!!

Next up was "Don't Look Back" the first of 6 songs from the new cd.It's huge riff and the unbeleivable drumming of Johanne James were a highlight.For such a small man his power is jaw dropping.

"Coda"a Pete Morten(guitar)written song had it's debut and sadly for Pete he had terrible guitar problems in this song which he bemoaned that he had waited for that moment and it all went wrong!

All the new songs came across well with my favourites being "Ashes"which was played a little quicker than it's studio counterpart with it's huge chorus and great riff and the setcloser "Rubicon".I have to say this really came alive with it's different pieces all fitting together with 3 guitar solo's and time changes a plenty.

We went  back to 1997's "Extinct Instinct"for "Part Of The Chaos"which was excellent.A real prog rock classic.

And if there is a better song around in the last 10 years than "Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams"I've not heard it.
Everything I love about Threshold in 9 minutes.Light,shade,riffs,passionate vocals and musicianship others can only dream about.

Steve Anderson on bass and Richard West on keys(although a little low on the mix tonight)keep it all together coming to the fore when necessary.
Pete Morten is the perfect foil for Karl Groom on guitar who Wilson called "The Boss" at one point.I have to say he is one of my favourite guitarist's.His style of soloing with such a melodic tone tells a story every time with so much passion and never overplaying.Just wonderful.

Finishing with the classic "Slipstream"left us on a high on a gig that few have ever bettered.

The setlist showed 2 extra song's but due to the extra support act's they were dropped and that was the only downer on the night.We go to see the main act let's cut back on the support act's please!!

As the gig ended the band mingled as they put their equipment away before the trip to Holland.I had got  a setlist and over the course of 10 minutes managed a few words with each band member and all signed the setlist(pictured below).They were all  very down to earth and all genuinely pleased that  we had come to see them.

A great end to a fantastic evening .With Nuclear Blast fully behind them surely they will go from strength to strength and get to play the size of venues they deserve.

They play Kingston Hippodrome on May the 11th at the Celebr8 Festival see you there!!

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