Danny Vaughn Camden Underworld 04-04-13

First up was Kinkade who I saw at this venue a few years. Frontman Jimmy now seems to have surrounded himself with new younger band mates but the music is still AC/DC inspired pub rock at it's blandness.

I've been a fan of Danny Vaughn for over 20 years and tonight was a rare opportunity to see him and his wonderful band to showcase material from right across his career. 

For an hour and a half we were treated to an excellent 18 song set that reached the heights again and again.

Here is what they played:

Bad Water (Soldiers)
Badlands Rain (Traveller)
Meet Me In The Night
Just Like That (Fearless)
Light Years (Visions)
Restless Blood (Traveller)
Fly Away (Fearless)
Battle Lines (Dig In Deep Tyketto)
Always (From The Inside)
Was There A Moment (Fearless)
Carry Me Home (Fearless)
The Warrior's Way (Traveller)
Lifted (Traveller)
This Is How We Say Goodbye (Dig In Deep)
The Voice (Soldiers)
Encores of Wings
Is That All There Is (Soldiers)

Danny's band for these few dates was Chris Childs (Thunder,The Union) on bass, Ged Rylands (Ten, Tyketto, Rage Of Angels) on keyboards and guitar, Dave Mcluskey (The Union) on drums and John Sudbury on guitar. All were superb but tonight Mcluskey really shone and pounded his way through the evening. I haven't seen Sudbury before but his understated style was perfect for the night.

The main man is one of my favourite vocalists another man who could sing the phone book and I would buy it! He is a great frontman and on a small stage with excellent sound he was in his element.

We had a set that contained songs from Tyketto's debut album right up to last year's "Dig In Deep" cd with both "Battle Lines" and "This Is How We Say Goodbye" both coming across superbly with Danny's voice coming to the fore.Rich in tone and melodic and with so much feeling.

We also had songs from the recently re-released "Reprise" cd that contained songs from both the "Soldiers And Sailors" and "Fearless" cd's and also 2 songs from his From The Inside project with "Always" being played for the first time ever. 

Four songs from his last cd "Traveller" all came over superbly live with band and voice all working in perfect harmony.

A quite excellent evening that could have gone on forever and a showcase for a man who is one of the top vocalists around.

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