H.E.A.T. Borderline London 11-4-13

It always annoys me when it says doors at 7 so you bust a gut to get there and at 7.25 you are still stood there. Especially when later on it affects the length of time you see the headliner who you came to see.

First up were Curran who I knew nothing about. Led by Mark Curran on guitar and vocals and with some excellent lead guitar from Mat Anthony they blended hard rock guitars with huge pop choruses.

Their first single "Love Won't Let You Down" went down well and the cover of Thin Lizzy's "Rosalie" and finishing with Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" was a sure fire way to get the crowd going.

Mark Curran posed his way through the 6 song set and by the end we all knew who they were.

One to watch.

Next up was King  Lizard who I have seen before and sadly have got no better.Screechy vocals, AC/DC guitar and every song played at 1000 miles an hour. No light and shade although most of the crowd got it even if I didn't.

I've loved H.E.A.T. since their first cd and I saw H.EA.T. back in 2010 at Firefest just after Kenny Leckremo had left and been replaced by Swedish Idol winner Erik Gronwall. The show was good even through a terrible sound.

With last years quite superb "Address The Nation" cd under their belt and plenty of live shows and a rammed to the walls Borderline how could they fail.

H.EA.T. ripped London a new one and over the course of 85 minutes showed why the can be at the top of their genre but also with their huge choruses they could be the next big thing.

The setlist you can see to the right.

As you can see from it a couple of scribbles out and also "Keep On Dreaming" also wasn't played. In Spain a few days later they played 4 songs more than we got. Reduce the amount of support acts we pay to see the headliner!

Niggle aside this was one of the best performances I've seen in a while. Sweat ran down the walls the crowd went nuts and the energy from the stage was incredible.

Gronwall now seems hugely comfortable singing his own songs and is a complete demon. He didn't stop moving yet still produced some incredible vocals and a performance that Duracell would be proud of.

Crash on drums, Jona Tee on keys and Jimmy Jay on bass lay down a real groove on every song. Eric Rivers on guitar (great to hear him this time) and Dave Dalone produced some short sharp highly melodic solos and every song has a tune,a huge chorus and we sang along to every word.

Every song was a highlight and in a small club maybe every show should be like this where you can see the whites of their eyes.

After the show a quick word with Jona Tee confirmed they will be back as soon as their new record is finished. I'm sure the venues will be bigger.

If they were around in the mid 80's they could have been the biggest band on the planet here's hoping the new cd can propel them to that height.

An excellent evening with only one quibble but at £8.50 great value for money.

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