Jeff Scott Soto Camden Underworld 06-04-2013

This evening was as Jeff said during the evening was a Sotopallooza evening with both support acts being bands that Jeff has worked with and believes in.

First up was Danger Angel from Greece who's first cd Jeff sang backing vocals on.Their 8 song 35 minute set was OK but nothing stood out as excellent although the vocals were not bad.
Next up was the Jorge Salan band who contain the guitarist Jorge Salan from Madrid who plays in Jeff's band. A power trio who play an excellent hard rock with some superb guitar playing.The man can shred but on the slower bluesy "Heartbroken" it also showed his voice off well too. He did sing in Spanish for some but they did 2 covers too.

"Lay Your Hands On Me" by Bon Jovi was played with more urgency and passion then Jon and company have done for years and the closing Gary Moore cover of "Over The Hills And Far Away" was again excellent.

20 minutes he was back with Jeff and for the next 100 minutes we were treated to a set that contained the best bits from last year's excellent "Damage Control" cd and songs from Jeff's long career.

Here is what the played:

Take U Down
21st Century
Damage Control
One Love (W.E.T cover)
Look Inside Your Heart
Soul Divine
Tears That I Cry
Broken Man
Afraid To Die
Eyes of Love
Risk (Jorge Salan song from his "Chronicles Of An Evolution" cd
Talisman medley featuring Break Your Chains/Day By Day/Give A Sign/Dangerous/Just Between Us/ (This time it's serious)
Frozen(Madonna cover)/Crazy(Seal cover)
I'll Be Waiting (Talisman Song)
Shot In The Dark (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
Livin' In The Life (Steel Dragon song)
Encores of Give A Little More
Stand Up  ( Steel Dragon Song) (with Nathan James)

  • His band was Edu Cominato on drums, BJ on keyboards and guitar,David Z on bass and Jorge Salan on guitar.

    This was only the third night of Jeff's first solo European tour since 2009 and with David Z being a late replacement you would never have known.Tight powerful and with everyone having a blast it left the main man to be the main focus.

    Jeff worked the venue like it was Wembley Stadium and was in superb voice.
    We had 6 songs from "Damage Control" with the Aor "Look Inside Your Heart" and with some immense drumming on "Afraid To Die" being highlights.

    We had the quite marvellous "One Love" from Jeff's W.E.T. band (that I can't wait to see at Firefest in October) which was as wonderful that I could have hoped for with Jeff hitting all the notes.

    "Risk" was a showcase for Jorge Salan with his playing showcasing a shredding and highly melodic style.

    The Talisman medley was just superb with all the crowd singing every note and ending with the wonderful "I'll Be Waiting" with Jeff leading the singalong.

    We finished with Jeff's good friend and Superstar reality show star lending his very impressive vocals to the Rockstar track "Stand Up" to finish off an evening that was as great as I hoped it would be.

    Here's hoping it isn't 4 years till next time.

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