Voodoo Six "Songs To Invade Countries To"

"Songs To Invade Countries To" (what a great album title) is the third album from British rockers Voodoo Six and the follow up to last year's excellent "Fluke" cd which debuted the iron lungs of singer Luke Purdie.

Opening with "Falling Knives" which was released as a single it showcases what Voodoo Six are all about. Huge riffs and a real stomping rocker with a real groove to it.

What I have always loved about the band is that it isn't your standard verse, chorus, solo chorus and out.
The music grows and they throw in time changes,extra solo's, light and shade, ad libbed choruses anything to make the song stronger.

"All That Glitters" is another highlight with a huge riff and chorus with a great bass line from Tony Newton  and driving drums from Joe Lazurus right through the song.Again the song then veers off with a stop start guitar solo.

"Lead Me On" starts with a acoustic guitar which lulls you into a false sense of security before a huge slower riff and groove kicks the song off.You can just imagine the song being played live with guitarist's Matt Pearce and Chris Jones riffing away and another excellent solo before the song ends with an acoustic guitar.

"Sink Or Swim" is another driving stomp of a song with the drums and riffs leading the way and another lengthy guitar solo with a slowed down middle section that builds to the end of the song.

"You Don't Know" is a slower number with a hint of funk thrown in with the repeated chorus being the main focus of the song and some strings thrown in for good measure.

"Your Way" starts with acoustic guitar and bluesy vocal from Luke before another huge riff and driving drum beat take the song to a different level. A live favourite I'm sure with the stop/start riff and slowing down of the song showing all the band off.A stunning guitar solo again with all the Voodoo Six trademarks is an album highlight. As is the lengthy end passage with a solo over Luke's vocals. Quite brilliant.

"Sharp Sand" is another rocker with a stop start chorus part and then slow middle section with some highly melodic guitar parts and yet another excellent guitar solo.

"Stop"is a mid tempo rocker with a funk rock bass line as the guitar's take a back seat.This makes the guitars kick in even harder when they start.The chorus is really spat out by Luke making you all "Stop".A completely different jabbing mid song riff leads to another great solo.

"Brick Wall" for me is the best song on the album.With that many great songs this one has it all. A classic bluesy rocker with again all their trademarks thrown in. A slower riff,light and shade middle section and some lengthy guitar soloing. Live this will be immense with all the band joining in and making it a musical tour de force.The end solo has me going for the repeat button and at 6 minutes you can imagine it being extended even further as the band experiment with it!!

"Waiting In Line" has another stop/start riff before a real up tempo jolt before the chorus kicks in.

"Higher Ground" closes the album in style with Luke's gritty vocal on the chorus leading the song to new heights.The heavy riff and highly melodic guitar solo all add to the song.

The album is released on May the 27th through Spinefarm Records and with the band getting the main support slot on Iron Maiden's forthcoming European dates this should push the band to the next level.

With a cd this good under their belts showing a real maturity and with all the songs having a real depth to them,I cannot recommend this album highly enough which I am sure will feature on many peoples Best Of 2013 lists.


Here are the official video's from the cd.

First up "Falling Knives"

And then "Sink Or Swim"

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