Reuben Archer's Personal Sin Album Review

If and when I turn 70 years old, I expect I will decide that enough is enough, kick off the boots, put on the slippers and settle down to a nice, quiet relaxing life full of Emmerdale Farm, Countdown and an occasional trip to the mobility scooter shop.

Thank God Reuben Archer doesn't think that way. As a stalwart of the NWOBHM scene in Stampede and then in Lautrec, Wild Horses and Lionheart he's kept on keeping on and with newfound vigour, reforming Stampede four years ago, fronting the live version of the Paul Raymond Project and now has a cracking solo album to his name.

Personal Sin is a collaboration between Archer and his brilliant hot-shot virtuoso guitarist from Stampede Rob Wolverson.

The album features guest appearances from Dave Meniketti (Y&T), John ‘Rhino’ Edwards (Status Quo), Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Snakecharmer), Harry James (Magnum, Thunder, Snakecharmer), Luke Morley (The Union, Thunder), Paul Quinn (Saxon), Paul Raymond (UFO), Derek Holt (Climax Blues Band), Rocky Newton (Lionheart, MSG), Kevin Riddles (Angel Witch, Tytan) and more.

Talking about the album Reuben says "I had some ideas and material knocking around which I’d wanted to explore for ages, which involved bigger production and more instrumentation than I’ve usually had with my other bands. I wanted a big melodic sound, and around the time of my 70th celebrations last year I thought that there was no time like the present to make it happen, especially since developing a great songwriting partnership with Rob. The idea was always to invite fellow musicians to participate on the thirteen tracks, and I have been honoured to have so many eminent musician friends that I’ve made over the years who have lent their valuable talent and time to achieve the end result.  Together with a core of great musician friends from around the Midlands, the project began to grow.”

From the catchy chorus on the opener "Bulletproof" to the breakneck rocker of the closer "Sooner or Later" the album delivers. "Play my Rock 'n' Roll" is a great track, as is the Whitesnake tinged "Lately" (that's the old school, proper Whitesnake not the screaming demon version we have now).

Want a ballad - then there is "Time on my hands" complete with lush strings and beautifully understated guitar solo.  

I was going to only list the tracks I like, but I've realised writing this that there isn't one that I could miss out - "TV Junkie" is great, as is "Ace Cafe"  - I'm not going to bore you by listing every track out, you can see them below.  If you're a fan of the bands that featured the guests artists then you will like this album - it's not a one trick pony - it has light and shade and it has Reuben Archer's years of experience stamped all over it. 

1.   Bulletproof
2.   Play My Rock 'n' Roll (ft. Rocky Newton)
3.   Personal Sin (ft. Dave Meniketti, Harry James & John ‘Rhino’ Edwards)
4.   Lately (ft. Harry James & Kevin Riddles)
5.   Time On My Hands (ft. Derek Holt & Steve Holbrook)
6.   Desperation Train (ft. Luke Morley, Derek Holt & Steve Holbrook)
7.   TV Junkie
8.   Ace Café (ft. Paul Quinn, Harry James, John ‘Rhino Edwards’, Steve Holbrook)
9.   Spanish Nights (ft. Steve Holbrook)
10. Reuben's Blues (ft. Paul Quinn, Neil Murray, Paul Raymond)
11. Shakin' All Over
12. Like A Clown
13. Sooner Or Later


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