Funeral For A Friend/Marmozets/Stem Oxford Academy 2 05-07-13

Not a normal style of gig for me but as a friend of mine Ollie Clark was playing with the opening act Stem a trip to Oxford ensued.

Ollie and Stem were up first and I had been told that this could be their final gig as two of the band are struggling to find the time.

With two cd's worth of material their half an hour set was 8 songs long with "Green Light" being the best of the bunch.    

For me the singer was more of a talker than singer and to start with he seemed nervous but did settle down and move around a little.The guitarist was competent but only a riffer his one solo being dull.

My friend Ollie was the starman for me. He drove the band with a real drive and determination to succeed.

His style had some Mike Portnoy traits as I expected with numerous fills and some very interesting rhythms but always very focussed. Well done mate.

If the band are to stop Ollie will go on to bigger and better things and I look forward to hearing all about it.

Marmozets next were truly dreadful. A 5 piece who at times seemed like they were all playing a different song. Shouty growly vocals from a female vocalist also was a little different.
One thing I have never seen was before the last song the drummer's kit was moved into the audience where he was surrounded by the audience like a returning hero. Really!!!

I saw Funeral For A Friend back in 2006 supporting Iron Maiden and honestly they have got no better. The set seemed to be the same song played over and over again.

Only the one song "History" near the end of the set was I'm honest a shock.A ballad with melody and a huge chorus.The kids still sang along and who knows where they could go with a few more songs like that.

But as I expect they will continue in the same style stuck in the small clubs playing the same song with the kids moshing around for all they are worth.

They enjoyed it I didn't.

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