Saxon - Dogs of War – 12” Vinyl Picture Disc

Saxon’s Dogs of War will be re-released as a 12” vinyl picture disc on 15 July. Originally release in 1995 this was the last album to feature original guitarist Graham Oliver which overshadowed it’s release and possibly lead to the album not getting the credit I think it deserved.
The opening and title track Dogs of War has one of my favourite Saxon rifts and it always seems to go down a storm when it’s included in the live set list.

This album had a number of songs with great rifts and Burning Wheels is no exception. A great song that captures the excitement and speed of Drag Racing. It’s a slightly different laid back pace for Don’t Worry, with the catchy chorus and guitar chords planting a lasting memory in the listener’s brain. We are back with a true rocker with Big Twin Rolling, another Motorcycle song and we know how well Saxon do them. You almost feel your out on the machine with the wind in your face as the song plays.

The first side ends with Hold On. I have to say that when the original CD came out I wasn’t over struck with this song, but I’ve had a change of heart with this re- issue. This is the story of Jenny and Billy and has a bit of an American rock feel to it. The lyrics tell us the tale of these two lovers and how they made a life together.

Side two opens up with my favorite track on this album, The Great White Buffalo. This epic track is based around the ghosts and legends of the American Indians as they seek the return of their lands. A fantastic song which is followed by another great rock track in the shape of Demolition Alley. The third track on side 2, Walking Through Tokyo is the only low point on the albumin my opinion, I wasn’t a fan of it back on the original 1995 release and it still doesn’t do much for me now.  Normal service is soon resumed though with Give it all Away before we up the tempo with the final track Yesterday’s Gone. A fitting conclusion to a great album re-release.

You can catch Saxon live at Holmfirth on Friday 26 July and at the Steel House Festival on Saturday 27 July. Saxon are also doing some dates with Motorhead in November.      


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