Halestorm, Shinedown and Alter Bridge - Wembley Arena London 18th October 2013

Lzzy Hale strode onto the Wembley stage in heels that even Gene Simmons in his prime might have struggled with.  What followed was 30 minutes of sublime rock. Having seen a full Halestorm gig it was going to be interesting to see what they cut out as frankly every song is a killer.

They still squeezed in a drum solo - which you might have thought was a bit pretentious considering they have a limited time slot available and are third on the bill - BUT Lzzy's litle brother Arejay is such an entertaining drummer (something like the offspring of Animal from the Muppets and Tommy Lee) that it was an inspired decision.

They rocked the place and went down a storm - they played :

  1. (Judas Priest cover)

A quick stage reset and Shinedown were on.  Halestorm were really good, but Shinedown were really, really good!  Opening with the magnificent neck breaker of "Devour" they proceeded to tear Wembley down, which considering that a fair percentage of the songs they played are not out and out ballsy rockers is a credit to them, and in particular frontman Brent Smith whose stage presence and  rapport with the crowd is second to none.  A great mixture of songs - particularly the double whammy of "Second Chance" and Skynyrd's "Simple Man". Simply brilliant.

OK before I start the final bit as I know it's bound to get comments - I really like Alter Bridge. I liked Creed before them too - I like the way that they have gradually moved away from that Creed sound into their own Alter Bridge sound. Myles Kennedy is a great vocalist and Mark Tremonti is a stunning guitar player. I've bought and regularly play all the Alter Bridge albums - but ...

..I was bored tonight.

I don't know what it was . maybe the fact that we never had a decent view or the fact that Shinedown before them were so good .. I really don't know. It must be me rather than them (everyone else around me was going apeshit and probably quite rightly so)  but to me everything sounded...the same. Sorry but I have to be honest.  The musicianship was impeccable, Myles Kennedy looked truly humbled as he thanked the crowd and tracks like "Cry of Achiles" and "Open your Eyes" were great but as the gig wore on I found myself glancing at my watch more and more.

Don't let this put you off seeing Alter Bridge the new album Fortress is great and they are a stunning band - but tonight I'm afraid it just didn't work for me, sorry.

  1. (Acoustic)
  2. Encore:

  3. NR.


  1. My first time seeing Alter Bridge. Enjoyed the gig but the sound quality from where I was sitting, seating area to the right of the stage, was quite poor.

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  3. Interesting review. I actually thought Shinedown were rather poor (took incredibly long in between songs, a lot of wiffle waffle from Brent Smith, didn't play any old material (which is their best IMO), it seemed like they were using a backing track at times...) whereas i thought Alter Bridge were outstanding as usual. Blackbird sounded even better than it did last time at Wembley. Disappointed they didn't play Fortress, but I thought it was an excellent performance! Agree with the review of Halestorm though, they were very enjoyable. Lzzy is a superb vocalist =]

  4. Thanks for the intelligent comments - I was haIf expecting to just get told to f*** off. I will go see Alter Bridge again as 12,498 people seemed to be having the times of their lives but me and the other half just didn't feel it .. it happens. I saw Judas Priest and thought they were dull (yeah I know - I was tired :-) ) .. then saw them again the following year and it was a highlight of the year! .. just unlucky that the other 12,498 don't write about gigs in a blog. Halestorm are about to announce a headline tour of europe ..so if you like Lzzy and co..stay tuned

  5. F*** off..... Only joking, I saw them in Birmingham and I completely agree with Aleks comments on Shinedown, some good songs in there but far too self indulgent with all the intros and speeches, completely ruined the flow. But, I also have to completely agree with you NR about Alter Bridge. Love the band, latest album is brilliant and they played some great songs from their back catalogue, but their performance just didn't do it for me and like you I felt there was something missing.

  6. We have followed AB since day one and Creed before that. As a guitarist I have nothing but admiration for Mark Tremonti and lately have enjoyed Myles' work with Slash. But... both my wife and I left Wembley on Friday wondering what was missing. We had seats back on the right and all we got was the boom, boom of the bass. We couldn't hear Myles' guitar or his vocals clearly, even Marks' guitar was masked. Maybe its the venue or was it the mixing? More than that though, the guys seemed to be jet lagged or something. Would love to have heard Calm the Fire - perhaps next time, but I wonder if Myles' voice would have been up to it last week.

  7. Strange I was bored senseless by Shinedown. All that slow stuff , rose chucking and preaching made me want to go out and get a beer . Alterbridge were incredible I thought even with the terrible mixing when Miles changed mikes. How hard is it to watch where he is and slide the volume up for that mike? The engineer should be sacked.

  8. I agree with most of your review. Hale storm were amazing I thought, they're new to me and I really enjoyed it. Shine down were pretty boring for me, it was good but I found myself looking at my watch and wondering why they had been given such a long set (especially when Halestorm seemed so short). Now Alter Bridge, this is the 5th time I've seen them and it felt like something was lacking for me too. Part of me thought this was the crowd so it's interesting to hear your thoughts on that as by me they didn't seem to be as into it as they should have been considering they'd made the effort to be that close (I was about 8 rows back on the right side) but it seemed like the cheering was quiet. Myles even said 'stop, you're deafening me' and I thought he was being sarcastic? Anyway, it did seem like something was missing. The person I was with wondered if they were ill with the occasional fuck up which I'd never seen them do before, or maybe even had an argument or something as they didn't seem to play much together, like at the end of Blackbird they usually play that side by side. Anyway, a lacking Alter Bridge gig is still f**king awesome! :) (iPad autocorrect is not allowing me to correct some things in this, sorry)

  9. For me it was the biggest let down from all bands. I saw Halestorm earlier in the year and thought they were brilliant, but they didn't do it for me at all, as for that stupid drum solo at the end, what the! Shinedown I had to walk out of, hearing them live just proved to me there is too much messing around with the music on the album that means iive they just sound like something is missing, just chucked the album away now they aren't Rock n Roll to me. AS for Alterbridge nothing went well, the meet and greet earlier was pants, stand here click go away, stand here sign this go away, never doing that again. Then the set list didn't work, the crowd was flat and they didn't seem together as a band at all, as for the sound well there is no excuse for a venue like that to produce such an awful noise, very very disappointed huge fan. Good thing is they will be back I'm sure, just hopefully without Halestorm. Shinepants and not at Wembley.


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