Airbourne Oxford Academy 11-12-13

Sometimes reviews are up after gigs before you know it yet others take a while and this one due to family illness , work and Christmas is about the latest I've ever put one up.

Yet when I saw a review from the same tour with the same feelings as me I thought better late than never.

First up where The Treatment who won the expanding crowd over with their genuine look at us swagger. With a US tour with Kiss and Motley Crue under their belts they had confidence by the bucketload.

Their 7 song set started with the wonderfully titled "Drink F**k Fight " and then focussed on their second cd due out in February "Running With The Dogs".

We had the title track , Don't Look Down , I Bleed Rock n'Roll and Emergency all with huge riffs , choruses and enough hooks to land any fish !!

Ending with first cd favourite " Shake The Mountain " and a huge ovation from the crowd and a headlining tour of the UK in February along with the new cd should see everyone needing The Treatment shortly.

Next up were Orange Goblin who I'll be honest I have never really got into but after seeing them I will be having a look at their back catalogue.

Like early Black Sabbath added to Ben Ward's Lemmy like growling vocals,their huge riffs and superb guitar solo's with pounding drums and bass went down a storm and they ended the set like headliners. 

I'll be honest I knew no songs but didn't need to as the huge 70's vibe was enough but managed to pick up song titles like " Quincy The Pigboy " and " Red Tide Rising " .
Excellent set and one band I would see again.

Airbourne exploded onto the scene in 2007 with the Runnin' Wild cd and superb live shows with their AC/DC riffs and Joel O'Keeffe's manic Angus style stage persona.

After a  lacklustre second cd No Guts but still kicking it in the live environment it gave them a critical backlash and wondering where they went from here.

After hearing new cd Black Dog Barking and seeing a headlining tour coming within 7 miles of my house it was worth investigating further.

Although seeing setlists from the tour I was a little concerned as it appeared they were still only playing a festival set even with a back catalogue now of over 30 songs.

My fears were realised with a main set lasting only 48 minutes and 9 songs.All had plenty of padding and although most of the crowd were going nuts I found myself bored.

My better half Admin said on cd she can understand what Joel is singing but she said she was unable to work out a word he sang with his broad drawl and shouty vocals.

I feel that if a stranger walked in they would have been unable to work out what song they were playing. As with all the padding and similar sound every song sounded the same and I know every song. The rest of the band are pretty faceless with a change of sides for the guitarists and synchronised headbanging the norm.

Here is what they played

Ready To Rock
Too Much Too Young Too Fast
Girls In Black
Back In The Game
Diamond In The Rough
Black Dog Barking
Cheap Wine And Cheap Women
No Way But The Hard Way
Stand Up For Rock n' Roll

Encores of 
Live It Up
Raise The Flag
Runnin' Wild 

Every stage prop was the same as last time. The Angus on the shoulders of a roadie was used as early as the third song when they went to one bar and then during the encore to the other bar ! We had the huge air raid siren and the huge searchlight too.
And during the encores the lets smash a can of beer to the head and let the audience catch it returned too !!

It really was a copy of a copy like a karaoke version of themselves really and I felt so let down!

I really don't know where they go from here as they just don't seem able to broaden their appeal and I really believed when they burst onto the scene after 3 cd's they would be a lot further up the road to greatness!!

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