Thunder Live CDs Reviewed

Why Release one live Cd when you can release two, well that’s just what Thunder have done.
The two CDS were recorded at the sold out Christmas shows at the Wolverhampton Civic on the 20 & 21 December 2013.
The CDs are both available now from and are called Back to the Black Country, which features additional highlights to ticket buyer CD and The Xmas Show Live 2013.
Both CDs open with 7 acoustic numbers and be warned there is some duplication across the two CDs as five of the acoustic songs appear on both. (Long Way from Home, Robert Johnson’s Tombstone, Long Train Running, Higher Ground & When I’m Dead and Gone).  The alternative songs on Back to the Black Country are Heart of Gold and Carol Ann and on The Xmas Show Live CD it is great rendition of The Who’s Pinball Wizard and Can’t Live Your Life in a Day. Both CDs capture the intimacy, fun and rapport with the crowd the band have during these acoustic sessions.  
The second half of both CDs feature the full electric show and there are no duplications across the CDs in this section. Back to the Black Country features seven songs that kick off with lively crowd pleasure Everybody Wants Her, which really benefits from the supporting brass section and backing vocals, other highlights are Fade into the Sun and a cover of Elton John’s Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.
The Electric section of the Xmas Live CD starts with one my favourites She’s So Fine before moving into song I’d nearly forgot about Pilot of my Dream, this version has really breathed new life into the song for me. Perhaps I need to go back and rediscover the studio version on Thrill of it All. Another great song is Fly On the Wall and with it being Christmas the CD had to finish with Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody.
Now if you’re a big Thunder fan you’ll want both CD’s, but for the more casual fan, or more cash strapped fan who only wants to get one of them, which one to buy is the question? Now there isn’t much in it for me, both CD’s have great mixture of original and cover songs that well recorded and capture the excitement of the live Thunder experience, but if I was to be pushed I think I’d say my favourite is The Xmas Show Live 2013 CD.

Back To The Black Country

Long Way From Home
Heart Of Gold
Robert Johnson's Tombstone
Carol Ann
Long Train Running
Higher Ground
When I'm Dead & Gone
Everybody Wants Her
Empty City
Fade Into The Sun
Got To Get You Into My Life
Don't Wait For Me
I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)

You can buy the Back to the Black Country CD from the Thunder on line shop.

Thunder – The Xmas Show Live 2013
Long Way From Home
Pinball Wizard
Robert Johnson’s Tombstone
You Can’t Live Your Life In A Day
Long Train Running
Higher Ground
When I’m Dead and Gone
She’s So Fine
Pilot Of My Dreams
In a Broken Dream
Hollywood Nights
Fly on the Wall
I’m Dreaming Again
Just Another Suicide
Merry Xmas Everybody

You can buy the Xmax Show Live 2013 CD from the Thunder on line shop.

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