Eclipse Camden Underworld 14-05-14

In all my years of gigging that total over 30 years I don't think I have ever seen such an eclectic mix of music over 3 support acts.

First up was Kinkade who I have seen before and get no better. Pub rock at its blandest .

Parkway had a first for me with that heavy rock instrument the recorder making an appearance. A very young 4 piece who had Liza Bec on keyboards who when singing sounded like Kylie. She also played sax and the recorder!! Joining her was another young lady on bass and on guitar and vocals Dave Winkler who played some great AC/DC riffs and solo'd with a real flair and melodic throughout.
It all meshed together and was really rather good and with songs like " Outta My Head " and " Jealousy " and the trading of sax and guitar solos on another, a band to look out for.

Envy Assured added yet more to the mix with their mix of old school thrash and hardcore shouts and screams. A very young 5 piece from Ealing I enjoyed the older thrash style leanings with hints of Metallica with some excellent riffing and solos from I think Dion Rushe.
Phil Midze on vocals had  a good stage presence and  range on his vocals with some of the choruses being quite melodic but for me lose the hardcore screams.

Eclipse for me are all that is good about music. Huge riffs, catchy rhythms, huge choruses , wonderful guitar solo's  and songs to scream  along to and shake your fist to the world.

For 65 minutes the world was a great place as Eclipse were as fantastic as I hoped they would be .
Here is what they played

Wylde One
Ain't Dead Yet

Wake Me Up
A Bitter Taste
Bleed And Scream
Under The Gun
About To Break
Hometown Calling
After The End Of The World
One Love (W.E.T. cover )
Breaking My Heart Again

Erik Martensson is a busy man which is why we haven't had any new Eclipse music for 2 years. He told us during the show that they are 2 songs into a new cd that they hope to release in February 2015. Along with his guitar colleague Magnus Henriksen they are also a part of supergroup W.E.T. who have produced 2 wonderful albums and this years stand out live double cd and he has produced new music for Sunstrike ,Sound Of Eternity and Adrenaline Rush.

So is it any wonder live shows are a rarity apart from the Firefest festivals so a good crowd had gathered and we were treated to melodic rock at it's finest.

Erik has a wonderful voice with a large range that fits the music like a glove. He never stopped moving for 65 minutes and spent the evening getting the most out of the audience. On 2 occasions I ended up joining him in hollering out a part of " Ain't Dead Yet " and "About To Break " as he knelt down and invited you to share the microphone. Great fun and apologies to all for my vocals but it was great to feel 18 again.

To his right Magnus on guitar riffed like a demon and his solo's were all melodic at their core and he can shred when required. Peter Hallgren on bass and Robban Back on drums ( also a member of W.E.T. ) held it all together letting the 2 main men at centre stage.

With a heavier and slightly more uncompromising style than W.E.T. but no less melodic we were treated to 8 songs from 2012's stand out cd "Bleed And Scream " all of which oozed class in the live setting.

Everyone in the crowd joined in with all of the songs and it is difficult to pick any favourites when the quality was so high.  But the 2 songs just into the set were sublime.

Firstly the Gary Moore / Thin Lizzy Celtic tones of " Battlegrounds " was out of this world and to follow it with "A Bitter Taste " was incredible. Erik came to the fore in the picked intro showing the full range of his voice and the huge chorus led to the epic ending with an excellent extended solo from Henrik and some intense drum patterns from Robban.

The title track "Bleed And Scream " followed and kept the quality sky high with more audience participation in the chorus for most of the front row!!

"Under The Gun " from the "Are You Ready " cd came across well with its more power metal style and  more aggressive soloing from Henrik.

The ballad "About To Break " again had Erik vocals to the fore with a song that would have been all over radio in the 80's with it's huge sing along chorus.

"After The End Of The World " with its huge rock patterns and chorus led us into a track from their other band W.E.T. with " One Love " being bellowed by all present. Brilliant.

"Breaking My Heart Again "  ended the show on a high with the only quibble being with 3 support acts I would have preferred more Eclipse but for £10 great value all round.

The band had a quick signing session for which I got 2 cd covers signed by 3 of the band with Erik being a top chap thanking me for helping out with his singing and talking about their 5 am start and his producing duties.

Come back soon guys. Brilliant.


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