Toby Jepson & FM – Warehouse23 Wakefield - 8 August 2014

Toby Jepson had the job of warming the sizable crowd up tonight, with an acoustic set, his songs were enjoyable but by three songs in I was starting to think something else needed to be added to the mix to hold my attention for longer. Of course Toby had the answer to that when he introduced a saxophone player which added an intriguing dimension. As if that wasn’t enough the Saxophone was replaced later in the set with an accordion, first time I’ve seen one of those at a gig I’m sure.

Toby Jepson and his rock n roll accordion
The introduction of songs from Toby’s Little Angels raised the atmosphere up a notch as everyone sang a clapped along.  A really enjoyable set, let’s hope it’s not too long before we see Toby again.
Now the temperature was gradually increasing as FM were due to come on and no one at the venue seemed to know how to turn on the air cooling systems, and it went up another notch when FM started off with Tough Love and All or Nothing. We were only two songs, but already Steve Overland’s shirt was drenched as the temperature continued to rise. We were treated to a greatest hits package which included the recent single Cold Hearted and a song that hadn’t been in the set for a while in the shape of Tough it Out. Throughout the night the crowd sang and clapped along with every song. On this performance FM look set to be a strong force on the live scene for a number of years.     



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