Dennis DeYoung And The Music of Styx Live In Los Angeles

On March the 18th 2014 Dennis DeYoung the legendary frontman of Styx returned to the Los Angeles stage for the first time in his solo career at the El Rey Theater.

Frontiers Records release the show on dvd and 2 cd on the 17th of October in the UK and on the 21st of October in the US.

I have only heard the audio version which is superb. Any Styx fan should get this release pronto.The main man is in fine voice throughout on both the heavier and ballad material that makes up this 90 minute concert.

Backed up by John Blasucci on keyboards and backing vocals, Craig Carter on bass and backing vocals, Jimmy Leahey on guitar and backing vocals, Tom Sharpe on drums and percussion, August Zadra on guitar and lead vocals Suzanne De Young on backing vocals there is a real depth to the audio fare.

Look at the set list and you get classic after classic played with a real love for the music and the man that helped shape one of America's finest catalogues.

"The Grand Illusion " , " Lady " ," Lorelei " , " Show Me The Way ", " Mr Roboto ", " Too Much Time On My Hands ", " Rockin 'The Paradise "," Babe ", " Foolin' Yourself ", " The Best Of Times " , " Come Sail Away " and others that will make you go back and revisit that catalogue.

But for me 2 songs stand ahead of the rest and that is saying something. " Blue Collar Man " and " Renegade ". The heavier end of the spectrum with big riffs , muscular drums and the rhythm team so tight ,wonderful backing vocals and  some excellent guitar solos from Zadra that are close enough to the original but still with his own signature added.

The crowd go nuts and is it any wonder. Lovingly played superbly played and sung the songs sound revitalised which considering most of them are over 30 years old is quite something.

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