Jimmy Barnes Hindsight

I first heard Jimmy Barnes back in in ’86 on the Lost Boys soundtrack. I loved that film, and there was this INXS track that sounded like perfectly normal radio fodder when suddenly this voice leapt out alongside Michael Hutchence. It was one of those “WOAH WTF WAS THAT!” moments. “Good Times” is still a song I play regularly and it never fails to get me singing along.  On the back of that I bought the magnificent “Freight Train Heart” album the following year and even managed to get an import of his Barnestorming live album.

Over the years I’ve not kept so up to date with his album releases, hearing the odd track here and there but this album brings back the joy I first had when listening to “Good Times” nearly 30 years ago.

He could easily have just released a 30 Years Greatest Hits package and watched the dollars come rolling in, but he hasn't – he’s done something a bit special.  Working with such luminaries as Joe Bonamassa, Little Steven, Neil Schon, Jonathan Cain and plenty of others  (the full deluxe version includes Tina Turner, John Farnham, Keith Urban and many more) he has re-recorded, re-imagined and re-defined some of his best tracks (and some that you wouldn't expect).

1. Lay Down Your Guns (with The Living End)
2. Time Will Tell (with The Baby Animals)
3. Ride The Night Away (with Little Steven)
4. Stand Up (with Mahalia Barnes + The Soul Mates)
5. I'd Die To Be With You (with Diesel)
6. Stone Cold (with Tina Arena & Joe Bonamassa)
7. Working Class Man (with Jonathan Cain and Ian Moss)
8. Going Down Alone (with Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain)
9. Love And Hate (with Shihad)
10. No Second Prize
11. I'd Rather Be Blind (with Jon Stevens)
12. When Your Love Is Gone
13. The Other Kind
14. Walk On (with David Campbell)
15. Still On Your Side (with Bernard Fanning)

Thirty years on and this could be the best thing he’s ever done.

There’s life in the old dog yet - eh Barnsey ?

Simply magnificent.


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