Soto Wrath lyric video

From Jeff Scott Soto's facebook page

To commemorate the 1st show next week with Gus G, I chose to give you the FULL version of the song we did together for the new SOTO album called ‘Wrath’…the main reason for choosing this song is if the audiences for these upcoming shows are good, we’ll add it to the set but I wanted the lucky few who will see us next week to hear it here 1st!

My bro Gary Schutt threw this lyric video together so you’re not just watching a blank screen and it also helps in guessing who I wrote the lyrics about!

I can’t stress enough, this is NOT a new solo/JSS album, this is a band, this is a HEAVY band, so if you like the lighter side of what I do, this may rattle you a bit! 

So now Gus and I will do 2 songs that we’ve collaborated on together live for the 1st time, ‘Summer Days’ which appears on his 1st solo album “I Am The Fire” and ‘Wrath’…enjoy, share and by all means share your thoughts!


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