Bailey Long Way Down

bailey long way down

A mere 6 months since his Three Lions project debut was released with Vinny Burns Nigel 

Bailey now releases his first solo release Long Way Down on Frontiers on December the 7th.

Joining him on keyboards is Alessandro DelVecchio   who also produces the cd and does an

excellent job.He brought him some of his Italian counterparts with Alessandro Mori on drums

 who has played with Mitch Malloy and Marion Percudani on guitar who is in Lionville and

Shining Line.

I was expecting an AOR album so when opener " Feed The Flames " blasts out of the speakers

 after a heavy drum roll start I was a little suprised  . A heavier sound with crisp guitar riffs and

 pounding drums expertly produced by Del Vecchio made me sit up.Bailey's vocals still have

 that rich melodic tone to them and fit the epic material perfectly with a nice twin guitar part after

 the chorus . An excellent guitar solo from Percudani .

Single " In The Name Of The King "  follows with a heavy classic rock approach with some

excellent double bass drumming from Mori and huge riff from Percudani and Bailey's vocal

 delivery fitting in seamlessly . A lengthy guitar solo from Percudani show the mans talent and

 always with a melodic tone .

Next up " Dirty Little Secret " has an AOR feel with a chugging riff and some excellent twin

 guitar work and a huge chorus and backing vocals . 

" Bad Reputation " starts with a guitar solo on another hard rocking number with a pounding rhythm  and keyboard flashes over the chorus before Percudani plays another lengthy guitar solo.

" Stay " and " Somewhere In Oslo " follow a more AOR feel with the latter starting like an FM

 number . Bailey's vocal on the latter also shows what a quality vocalist he is and where has the

 man been hiding!!

" Long Way Down " has a very heavy riff and bass / drum rhythm which works well with the

 melodic vocal delivery during the chorus . Percudani again lets his fingers do the talking on a

 flurried solo.

" Spend The Night " drops the pace right down on an acoustic led number which shows off

 Bailey's voice well .

" Love Falls Down " and " Ticket To Yesterday " would have fitted perfectly onto the Three Lions

 debut with their more AOR style and Bailey shines on the former.

" Dirty Angel " as the title implies ups the pace with a heavy riff and driving rhythm that finishes

 the album in style on a song that would go down a storm live as you can imagine it finishing the

 show .

Long Way Down showcases the talents and songwriting of Nigel Bailey with a strong cross

 section of songs that are well crafted and expertly played and produced and I for one look

 forward to hearing more from the man.

A more than pleasant surprise.

Here is the album epk and also the video for first single " In The Name Of The King ".


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