Black Stone Cherry LG Arena Birmingham 30-10-14

I've been looking forward to this gig for ages. Three of my favourite bands, on one bill (without standing out in a field getting cold and wet!)

First up the magnificent, Theory of a Deadman.  They've shaken off the Nickelback comparisons of their first album (understandably as it was on Chad Kroeger's label) and steady progressed to the Savages album.  Thanks to the wonderful British Motorway System, we missed the first song (which is my favourite!)  but caught the rest of the set.
Shame they were not on longer, and that a fair few people missed them. Definitely a band I want to see in a full gig next time.

Here is what they played

So Happy
Santa Monica
Hate My Life
Bad Girlfriend

A quick pie and a pint later - Airborne.   Let's be honest Airbourne are not original. They're an  Australian band whose guitarist plays an iconic Gibson guitar, doesn't wear a shirt and goes through the audience on a roadie's shoulders.. now that's all been done before. BUT by God they're a good time, heads down, no nonsense rock and roll party band!

Here is what they played

Ready To Rock
Too Much Too Young Too Fast
Chewin' The Fat
Girls In Black
Cheap Wine And Cheaper Women
Black Dog Barking
Live It Up
Runnin' Wild

I adore Southern Rock. Always have, always will. I've seen Black Stone Cherry since day one.. and even told lifelong Rockgig buddy ME that he "ought to keep an ear out for this new band of kids" who were keeping the spirit of Skynyrd, Hatchet and Blackfoot alive and kicking.

This was the biggest venue I'd seen them in and they didn't disappoint. Chris Robertson seemed genuinely moved by the crowd reaction. And while I think of it, I don't recall seeing such an age range in an audience : everyone from young kids to grizzly old farts like us. Everyone singing along and bellowing the lyrics back.

I'm also convinced that Animal from the muppets was based on John Fred Young. They guy is awesome, you cannot take your eyes off him.

Here is what they played.

Rain Wizard
Blind Man
Me And Mary Jane
In My Blood
Holding On To Letting Go
Maybe Someday
Such A Shame
Things My Father Said
Fiesta Del Fuego
Sunshine Of Your Love snippet by Cream
Like I Roll
Bad Luck And Hard Love
Drum solo
Hollywood In Kentucky
Hell And High Water
White Trash Millionaire
Blame It On The Boom Boom

Encores of
Peace Is Free
Lonely Train
30 Seconds Of Death Metal

7 years since their first UK date supporting Aerosmith at Hyde Park in a tent that was the day before the release of their debut cd to headlining arenas this band continue to grow.

This show was filmed for their first live dvd so soon we can see how good this night was and  we can  share our memories with the world.

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