Crazy Lixx

Crazy Lixx return with their self titled fourth cd and the follow up to 2012's " Riot Avenue ".

I saw Crazy Lixx at Firefest in 2010 after the release of their " New Religion " cd and the band in the live setting were as good as all of the hype that surrounded them at that time.

4 years later and the band have not moved forward as hoped but now with  " Crazy Lixx " hitting the racks will this be their time?

After numerous plays the answer has to be yes. Are they glam or sleaze ? Who cares when it's this good. 

A cocktail of the best of Motley Crue , early Skid Row, Kiss and Guns N'Roses but with enough melodic rock influences to keep any rock fan happy. Sprinkle in some of the seemingly endless Scandinavian magic dust and you have a cd that has huge riffs with even bigger choruses that need to be screamed back at them by huge crowds.

Led by Danny Rexon on vocals who also co produces along with Chris Laney they have done a superb job with a crystal clear sound that lets everything breath but with a raw enough guitar sound and lets those multi layered choruses get into your brain.

The return of original drummer Joel Cicera and the addition of new bass player Jens Sjoholm has given the whole band a kick in the right direction. They lay down the rhythm 
that lets Edd Liam and Andy Zata on guitars riff and solo to their hearts content while Danny's raspy vocal style fits the music style perfectly.

First single the insanely catchy " Hell Raising Women " kicks it all off in superb style. Razor sharp riffs , crunching drums and those just so vocals and backing vocals on the huge chorus have hit written all over it.

" Sound Of The Loud Minority "  which should be the name of the next tour follows on in the same style with a chorus that makes you want to hear it over and over again.

" Girls Of The 80's " makes us all remember days and figures of the past but any of the 11 tracks here could be the soundtrack to a generation.

" Wrecking Ball Crew "  does what it says on the tin and would go down a storm in a live setting as would  " Call To Action " which is just good hard melodic sleaze. If I can call it that!

A reworking of their debut cd track  and fan favourite  " Heroes Are Forever " slots in amongst the newer tracks perfectly which will please the fans on a song that it long out of print.

Self titled albums come along once in a career and can define a band and with Crazy Lixx they have done just that.

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