Vega The Garage London 08-11-14

I am a huge fan of Vega but this gig was very strange.

Shaft of Steel opened the show with songs from their recently released ep and with some family and friends in the crowd went down very well . Melodic rock with a twin guitar attack and one to watch out for .

Newman ended up playing for nearly twice as long as Vega and they were very good . A little too much banter with the crowd after every song and with the curfew approaching a few strange looks from the audience as they finished at 9.10 .

Vega came on apologised that Nick Workman had laryngitis and they nearly pulled the show but then complained that with a 9.45 curfew and everyone out by 10 they had no time to play!
So at 9.22 they ripped through 7 songs in a very pissed off manner with " What The Hell " being changed to WTF!!!!!

Nick struggled manfully on but the sold out crowd sang all the words for him so, for the 30 minutes we saw they were the best band on the planet with Marcus Thurston playing some blisteringly good guitar solo's .

Here is what they played and as I saw the setlist also what they didn't!! 

Kiss Of Life
What The Hell
All Or Nothing
Into The Wild
Gonna Need Some Love
White Knuckle Ride
Hands In The Air


Stereo Messiah
Not There For You
Wherever We Are
Ballad Of The Broken Hearted
10X Bigger Than Love
The Wild The Wierd The Wonderful

A few grumbles at the end as we had all paid to see Vega and only got 30 minutes . We all understand people get ill but if Nick could struggle through for 30 minutes with us helping out and they seemed genuinely fed up with the curfew tell the support act to get off .

Vega are back on the road in December as support to Down nOutz, I just hope that they make up to us with a proper headline show in London . 

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