Dan Patlansky The Borderline London 27-04-15

First up playing an acoustic set was Tristan Mackay who in his 30 minute set played songs from his two albums Out Along The Wire and the recently released Wire And Wood.

He had a very melodic tone and his playing was added to with percussive sounds he made on his guitar which I have to say was a nice touch as it added to the overall sound.
He had a very self effacing humour that not only came out in his work but also his between song patter about life on the streets busking and trying to get a record deal.
With songs as strong as the title track from Wire And Wood,You Win Again,Black Sheep and set closer Lullaby For Layla (written about his daughter) I expect we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from Tristan Mackay.

As The Borderline filled rapidly and with a huge anticipation in the air at 8.40 Dan Patlansky and his 2 band mates came onto rapturous applause and we were then treated to a set built around Dear Silence Thieves that was released in the UK  on the day of this gig.

Here is what they played.

Taking Chances
Pop Collar Jockey
Your War
Hold On
Bring The World To It's Knees
Only An Ocean
Feels Like Home
Hash Palace/Bubble
Madison Lane
Voodoo Chile

Encores of Fetch Your Spade

Dan mentioned during the gig how happy he was to be playing in the UK and everyone present felt the same.I am just gutted that this amazing talent has been producing albums since 1999 and I haven't heard of him until now.

Dear Silence Thieves is his seventh cd and was voted the number 1 Blues Rock Album in the world released for 2014 by BLUES ROCK REVIEW/USA, alongside names such as Joe Bonamassa, Rival Sons, Devon Allman, The Black Keys, Philip Sayce, and many more.

Dan had started 2014 off with a bang when he was chosen to open for BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN in front of 64 000 people at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg in February on his High Hopes tour. Dan was personally approved by Springsteen as support act, seeing as Springsteen rarely has guest artists for his shows.

From that we now have Dear Silence Thieves released in the UK and we should be thankful.

Starting with the instrumental Drone it is apparent straight away that this was going to be a special night.With an excellent sound we got to hear every note that Dan managed to tease from his Fender Stratocaster with his mighty roar the perfect accompaniment.

The single Backbite was next with it's funky riff and rock hard rhythm section getting heads nodding in agreement.The solo showed off all of Dan's quality's with a heavy tone but still melodic and with an earthy feel.As he solo'd all I could hear was camera's clicking away trying to catch the perfect moment in time.His vocal capability shouldn't be overlooked as he has a mighty throat that goes alongside his playing.

Taking Chances is an older style blues number that ebbs and flows with Dan embellishing the song with guitar flourishes.The mid song guitar solo took it right down to a whisper and you could have heard a pin drop as we watched in awe.As the solo then crashed back in with full volume only took the night ever higher.

Pop Collar Jockey was super ceded by Dan telling the story about the song and how he sees men wearing golf shirts 3 sizes too small but think they look cool.The song showed off another facet of his playing with some superb slide work and as the song dips with Dan's riff and then the band come pounding back in again in time for the main chorus.

Your War took the pace down for a bluesy number with some beautiful slower edged playing from Dan with the crowd being held on every note.The song builds past the last chorus and a pedal infused solo that takes the song to another level.

Hold On for me could be the breakthrough song with it's fantastic vocal chorus line and wonderful guitar melodies and soloing.Just a classic summer song with the roof down.Every time I play it I want to press play again.

Bring The World To It's Knees from 2012's 20 Stones cd just kicked my ass.I love the stop start sliding riff with Dan's hands never stopping add to that a real gritty vocal and rock solid rhythm section and a solo that borders on feedback at times and you have a great song.

Only An Ocean that has been rerecorded from 2006 and is another song that ebbs and flows like the tide and has plenty of extra Dan guitar embellishment's add to the mix.

Feels Like Home is built on a picked heavy blues riff and pounding rhythm and shows how Dan can do all styles in the blues book.

Madison Lane starts on a strummed riff and vocal line and builds up to the chorus and then takes it right down with Dan picking the solo as the rhythm team keep it tapping along before it all comes crashing in again and Dan solo goes to new heights.

I had seen on youtube Dan doing Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix but this version was something special with a near 15 minute workout.
Guitar pyrotechnics doesn't do it justice.He played all of Jimi's notes and more beside and I am sure the great man watching from above would have applauded loudly.He played with one hand and then no hands and then guitar outstretched and all the while making the guitar sing and make noises I have never heard.
As the song ended the roar of the crowd nearly took the roof off and as he left the stage to a huge ovation the guy stood next to me said showstopper.Indeed it was sir.

An encore of the big riff and kick of Fetch Your Spade was added to a quick reprise of the single Backbite before they were gone.

An evening that surpassed my lofty expectations and the sign of a great gig in my eyes is the warm glow you have afterwards.I still have that 36 hours later!!

Dan Patlansky continues his tour into next week I suggest you go and see him before the venues sizes increase dramatically and arrive early for his support slot with Joe Satriani in November too.

YORK, FIBBERS                                                                  Thursday April 30 (Tickets: http://www.thegigcartel.com)
STOCKTON, MUSIC LOUNGE                                       Friday May 1 (Tickets: http://www.musicloungestockton.co.uk/)
WANDSWORTH, GJ’s                                                     Sunday May 3 (Tickets: http://www.gj-s.com/)
PORTSMOUTH, THE CELLARS                                      Monday May 4  (Tickets: http://www.musicglue.com)   
BRISTOL, THUNDERBOLT                                              Wednesday May 6 (Tickets: http://www.bristolticketshop.co.uk)            
POOLE, MR KYPS                                                              Thursday May 7 (Tickets: http://www.mrkyps.net)

NOVEMBER DATES WITH JOE SATRIANI (Tickets from http://www.ticketline.co.uk/joe-satriani#bio)

MANCHESTER O2 APOLLO                                                  Sunday November 1
BIRMINGHAM SYMPHONY HALL                                    Monday November 2
GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL                                  Tuesday November 3
SHEFFIELD CITY HALL                                                            Wednesday November 4
CARDIFF ST. DAVID’S HALL                                                 Thursday November 5
SOUTHEND CLIFFS PAVILION                                             Saturday November 7
BRISTOL COLSTON HALL                                                       Sunday November 8
PORTSMOUTH GUILDHALL                                                 Monday November 9
LONDON EVENTIM HAMMERSMITH APOLLO             Tuesday November 10

By the power of youtube here is Voodoo Chile from the gig.

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