‘Heroes and Villains’ Track by track guide by FM guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick

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Monday the 20th of April sees the release of FM's superb Heroes And Villains cd and here guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick gives us a track by track guide.

Digging Up The Dirt - A hard-edged song about tabloid sleaze. A track where the band tried to capture a 'big production' sound. We all knew that this was the album opener.

You're The Best Thing About Me - A late contender for the album by Steve that the rest of band loved immediately. It’s a great driving song that harks back to some of FM's earlier material.

Life Is A Highway - Steve brought the original idea to rehearsal and then the band all chipped in to create this inspired melodic rocker. One of the band’s favourites on Heroes And Villains.

Fire And Rain - One of the heavier, riff inspired tracks on the album.

Incredible - The big FM power ballad of the album, this is a song that Steve and Jim originally wrote and then presented to the band to get the FM treatment. The track also features a string quartet.

Call On Me - This song was originally written by Merv many years ago and was recorded at the very first session after FM reformed in 2008 at Metropolis Studios for the then untitled Metropolis album. The band was unhappy with the song until a new chorus was written last year. It’s probably the biggest chorus on the album and another great driving song!

Cold Hearted - A real team effort created this song at a rehearsal. It was the first song recorded for Heroes And Villains and originally debuted on the Futurama EP in 2014. It’s already a live favourite.

Shape I'm In - A song about a guy who falls apart after his wife/girlfriend leaves him. Power-pop with a big chorus.

Big Brother - Another heavy track about the ever-increasing Orwellian world that we live in.

Some Days I Only Wanna Rock And Roll - A fun workout inspired by a great title that Merv had. Listen out for a bit of sax at the end.

I Want You - Originally an idea of Pete's. A great fun, catchy song, definitely old-school FM, and sure to become a fan favourite.

Walking With Angels - A first for FM - no drums or bass, just acoustic guitars, a few keyboards, vocals and a string quartet. A haunting track that shows off Steve Overland's voice a treat.

Catch the band on tour next month.

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