Peterik Scherer Risk Everything

Risk Everything is the debut release from the new partnership of Survivor founding member and grammy award winning Jim Peterik and the vocal discovery of 2015 in Marc Scherer.

Jim Peterik first heard Marc when they began recording the vocals for his band Arc of Ages at the Burr Ridge studios in Chicago.

Peterik was so impressed with what he heard, that he chose Marc to demo the tunes he wrote which ended up on the last Pride of Lions album, “Immortal”. Scherer’s back-up singing on the album blends seamlessly with front man Toby Hitchcock’s voice.

Risk Everything is a perfect summer album that all Survivor and Pride Of Lions fans will adore with Marc's amazing 5 octave voice is at the heart of.He can belt it out on the rockers and the ballads well as you can imagine he is perfectly suited to the tune.

He is backed up by the following players Ed Breckenfeld on drums,Nick Rich also on drums,
Klem Hayes on bass guitar,Bob Lizik also on bass guitar,Bill Syniar also on bass guitar,Mike Aquino on guitars and of course the main man Jim Peterik on guitars and keyboards.In a nice touch Toby Hitchcock does backing vocals!!

I normally spend time trying to describe every song but here it is easier to break it down into rockers and ballads.

The rockers first with opening tune Risk Everything an AOR fan's dream with enough guitar melodies and keyboards to keep them happy for years and a vocal that soars to dizzying heights and love the extended guitar solo that Marc sings along with in the outro.

Cold Blooded is a typical Survivor stomp along rocker led by the guitar riff and drum rhythm and love the chorus where Marc goes up at least a couple of octaves in a few notes.Superb guitar melody after the chorus and the guitar solo just fits the song perfectly and is extended into the outro.

Thee Crescendo,Chance Of A Lifetime,Brand New Heart are all built from the same tempo and where the fast pace suits the vocal melodies that all flirt along with the guitar melody and drum rhythm.Marc's voice is equally at home on songs where he can push it hard and the melodic sensibilities of the melodies carry the quality material to new heights.

How Long Is A Moment and Broken Home are the big ballads where you can imagine the big video back in the day when MTV was king.Marc's vocals take the breath away as he dips and soars and puts such emotion and passion into every note that the crystal clear mix allows you to hear.A couple of balladesque guitar solo's fit perfectly and some female backing vocals to Broken Home add to the vocal depth.

The Dying Of The Light and Milestones fit the middle ground with a mid tempo pace and where Marc's vocal is still the main focus and let's be honest Jim Peterik has always been able to pen a tune and every song can stand on it's own feet as a melodic masterpiece.

Independance Day brings the album to a close with another mid paced rocker where the vocal moulds with the guitar melody and Marc takes centre stage.

Frontiers release Risk Everything on April the 17th in Europe and the 21st of April in North America and let us hope this is the first of many records from this new partnership as there isn't enough of this top quality AOR melodic music being released.


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